This beer run is more like a walk, wheel and pedal. For a good cause

Earth Day doesn’t always mean getting your hands dirty planting trees. Sometimes, it involves beer.

In advance of the annual observance on April 22, Tacoma tap room co-owner Robby Bessey and a group of his friends were walking and pedaling around town over the weekend to collect kegs of beer from local breweries.

The beer will be served at Edison City Alehouse on Earth Day.

“It’s an opportunity to promote environmentally sustainable communities,” Bessey said April 13 inside downtown Tacoma’s Odd Otter Brewing Company, where he and his group had just arrived after a two-hour trek.

Normally, like just about everything, the beer comes to Bessey’s tap room via motorized truck. This alternative delivery by hand truck and bicycle was intended to leave a smaller impact on the environment.

Proceeds from the sale of the 66 gallons of beer will be given to Forever Green Trails, a nonprofit that is working to develop a trail system through Pierce County.

Other breweries from which beer was being collected included Tacoma Brewing, Pacific Brewing, Dunagan Brewing, Black Fleet Brewing, E9 Brewing, Wingman Brewers and Gig Harbor Brewing.

On Sunday, some of the group planned to bike to Gig Harbor to pick up kegs from 7 Seas Brewing, Wet Coast Brewing and Narrows Brewing. One of those volunteers was Eyria Eatmon of Tacoma.

On Saturday, Eatmon was enjoying a cold beverage in Odd Otter. On Sunday, he would hitch a trailer to the back of his bike and load it with a keg.

“This was definitely interesting,” Eatmon said, his cyclocross bike parked nearby. “I’m a little sore right now.”

Bessey didn’t originate the idea of the green delivery caravan. It began at Seattle’s Latona Pub where he worked from 2008-2012.

The jostling of the beer doesn’t affect it, Bessey said, as long as temperatures don’t spike.

“If the beer warmed up to 100 degrees it wouldn’t be ideal but it would still fine,” Bessey said. “On a cool rainy day like today I think it’ll be alright.”

The group was already making a difference. They acquired an abandoned shopping cart on South Tacoma Way Saturday morning.

“We decided we could put some kegs it,” Bessey said.