A boat overturned near Day Island, with 2 men in the water for an hour before help came

Two men were rescued from the water near Day Island Sunday after their boat capsized and left them treading water for more than an hour, according to West Pierce Fire & Rescue.

A passerby spotted one man in the water about 5 p.m. and helped him to a nearby dock, then called 911.

Due to a language barrier, fire crews did not immediately know there was another man still in the water.

Firefighters learned the boat had overturned between Salmon Beach and the Narrows Bridge around 4 p.m.

Armed with new information, a fire boat quickly found the capsized boat near Chambers Bay. No one was on board.

The second man was found in the water about a quarter mile from the boat.

A diver and rescue swimmer were about able to pull the man to the fire boat.

He was conscious, but had to be hospitalized for exposure.