Tacoma motel known for crime suspended from operating for a year

A Tacoma motel with a history of crime will close for a year.

The city affirmed an April 18 summary suspension of the Morgan Motel’s business license on Monday. The suspension will remain in effect for 12 months.

“The May 20, 2019 affirmation of the summary suspension of the Morgan Motel’s license is a welcomed step in providing relief to a neighborhood exhausted from the impacts of this disruptive property,” Tacoma Councilman Chris Beale said in a statement Tuesday.

The business can appeal the decision to the city hearing examiner within 10 days. John Cain, attorney for the motel owners, told The News Tribune that they’ll likely take that action.

Cain added the owners want to “try to work with the city and resolve the problem.”

“I appreciate the city wants to protect its citizens, but also the citizens have a right to maintain a legal business and operate legally,” the attorney said.

Tacoma police executed a drug-related search warrant of the motel on April 15. Four people, including one of the motel’s owners, were arrested.

The suspension won’t “address the root causes” of the issues at the motel but will “provide some relief,” Beale said in his statement.

“We have so many dedicated and committed neighbors who are trying their hardest to keep the neighborhood clean, safe and healthy,” he said.

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