Construction at the Dome is about to bring a new look along I-5. The sign will be huge

If you’ve seen construction happening at the Tacoma Dome this week, that’s because the dome is getting a facelift.

That includes a new backlit LED sign at its entrance off East D Street.

Altogether, the sign spans 67 feet long, with each individual letter about 5 feet tall.

Some may even see it glow from the highway — but if so, that wasn’t the intent, Tacoma Dome spokeswoman Tammi Bryant said.

“The intent was to provide a ‘front’ to a round facility,” Bryant said.

The sign is expected to be completed on July 15 and is not yet lit. The sign will be tested first, but a date has not yet been determined.

Crews were installing the sign this week as part of a $31 million modernization project of the Tacoma Dome. Renovations began in 2018.

That project includes installing wooden cladding around the circumference of the venue, inspired by the Dome’s wood roof and internal decor.

Also included in the renovations: enhanced lighting and hand rails at each entrance and repainting of all existing exterior surfaces.

Crews completed interior renovations in October that included new seating, upgraded concessions, new artist quarters, additional restrooms and new loading docks.

The exterior renovations were expected to be completed at the end of June, but were delayed after some items were backordered.

The outside improvements have not impacted events at the Dome, Bryant said.