Is the Kia Kalakala in our future?

What’s the next chapter in the life of the Kalakala? After she’s scrapped?

Current owner Karl Anderson has an idea.

He has written to Kia Motors of America suggesting he would be willing to donate the boat’s recycled steel — an estimated 2,000 tons — if Kia would redesign a limited edition of its Sedona using that steel.

Anderson offered to send the raw steel “to a recycling operation of your choice in Korea where it can be processed into metal to be used for the Kia Kalakala.”

In addition, he would officially license the Kalakala name for use by Kia.

All the car manufacturer would need to do would be to “agree to send any prototype model, or the first production model, to LeMay-America’s Car Museum here in Tacoma.”

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