Details of allegations against Tacoma mail carrier

Pierce County Superior Court records give these accounts of allegations against U.S. Postal Service carrier Robert Taitano:

• In 2004, he propositioned for sex a woman on his route. As the woman backed up against her vehicle, Taitano came within six inches of her before a bystander saw what was happening and intervened.

The Postal Service was notified of the allegation and disciplinary proceedings reportedly happened, though court records do not indicate the outcome.

• In 2011, a woman complained to the Postal Service that Taitano showed up at her front door and after making small talk, grabbed her waist, thrust his hips into her and demanded to be hugged. The woman said she yelled and tried to leave.

He kept showing up and asking for hugs and kisses after the incident.

• In 2013, a woman told the Postal Service she wanted Taitano taken off her route after he allegedly grabbed her butt while delivering mail inside her business.

Despite the Postal Service telling her that Taitano would deliver mail only through the slot, he kept coming into her place of work.

• In June 2014, a 76-year-old woman told the Postal Service that Taitano had repeatedly made vulgar sexual comments to her when he was a substitute carrier on her route.

She said he once showed up at her door and asked to use the bathroom. When she lied and said someone was using the shower, he responded with vulgarities.

• In August 2014, Taitano entered a woman’s apartment without her consent while she was in the bathroom, getting ready for work. He asked whether the woman was married. He left after she took a step toward a large knife in the kitchen.