Marriage licenses for week ending Sept. 11, 2015

ALLEN/LILLIE Anthony Voughn with Antoinette Lavonne, both of Tacoma

ANGELO/SWEARINGEN Braxtin Kohles with Marcus Jay, both of Bonney Lake

ASHTON/MEADOWS Mark Leon, Fircrest, with Erin Terise, Elma

AUSTIN/JACKSON Eric Scott with Amy Marie, both of Tacoma

BACKMAN/CLEVELAND Lisa Anne with Christopher Louis, both of Sumner

BAISAS/KRINGS Gabriel Lee with Brooke Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

BAKER/SAVILLE Jonathan Kent with Katherine Jean, both of Steilacoom

BECKER/BANDERA-ROSALES Cheryl Ann with Bonifacio, both of SeaTac

BOSARGE/STEWARD Sara Lynn, Tacoma, with Matt Richard, Puyallup

BRAATEN/TURNBULL Jansen Wesley, Kirkland, with Katherine Noel, Fox Island

BRIDGE/RADFORD Denali Lynn with Thomas Jeffrey, both of Graham

BZDEL/BALL Jessica Elaine with Kevin Carlton, both of Phoenix, Ariz.

CAROLUS/GOULD Ryan Lee with Nichole Erin, both of Gig Harbor

CARRERA FERNANDEZ/GONZALEZ FELICIANO Karina Julieta with Luis Angel, both of Puyallup

CARTER/TOTTER Jamie Leann with Shaun Alexander, both of Lakewood

CHRISTIAN/BROOKSHIRE Timothy Michael with Kenneth Wesley, both of Tacoma

CLARK/REDUS Sherell Lanae with Cederic Antoine, both of Tacoma

CLOSUIT/CRANE Charles Lafayette with Yvonne Annette, both of Tacoma

COBB/BAXTER Bruce Lee with Vrouwke Melaney, both of Tacoma

COLLAZO/ROMERO-OJEDA Christian Shae Alexander, Puyallup, with Jessica Marlene, Tacoma

COLLIER/RIVERS Jonathan Edward with Melissa Maylene, both of Tacoma

CONNER/STOKES Morgan Rebecca with Drew Alan, both of Milton

CORBIN/GUENTHER Daryl Lee with Shannon Louise, both of Kapowsin

CREWS/FORD Cameron Alexander with Sara Jo, both of University Place

DA SUTH/TRIGG Jean with Andrew Jackson III, both of Tacoma

DAILY/HARRISON Nina Kaye with Joseph William, both of Bonney Lake

DAVENPORT/SHAW Jennifer Joy with Jeffrey Matthew, both of Spanaway

DEVINE/BARBA Jeremy V. E., Riverside, Calif., with Bianca R., Tacoma

DOBOS/ZLIPCA Mihail with Irina Ghennadiy, both of Tacoma

DOUGLAS/SAENGCHAI Miguel Albert with Nuchsopark, both of Tacoma

ERLANDSON/DELIN Carla Rae, Puyallup, with John Howard, Wauna

FEIJO/WALLS Mauricio with Nisha Marie, both of Tacoma

FRIEDBERG/ESAU Jordan Ranheim with Samantha Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

FULLER/BROWN Martha Raymond, Sedona, Ariz., with Lance Benjamin, Gig Harbor

FULTON/OGDEN Mary Elaine with Robert Andrew, both of Tacoma

GAER/PETRI Christopher Scott with Vera Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

GAINER/CRUZ Malissa Annette with Trejo Raul, both of Puyallup

GATEB/TATARINOVA Anthony Jamieson, JBLM, with Daria, Coquitlam, Canada

GEETING/YOUNG Winnette Marie with Lance Edward, both of Puyallup

GILNER/SANCHEZ Holly Rae with Gerardo Hernandez, both of Tacoma

GRADDON-SAKAMOTO/BECHARA Christian with Suzanne, both of Fife

GRAHAM/SEEK Alexa Noel with Garrett Thomas, both of Puyallup

GREEN/JONES-SANFORD Brandi Nicole with Melodi Ann, both of Tacoma

HALL/ELLSWORTH Adam L. with Brittany A., both of Tacoma

HALL/BREDESON Amy Irene with Matthew Paul, both of Spanaway

HAYES/GARNER James David, Spanaway, with Shelly Marie, Bellevue

HEMINGER/ROSALES Kenneth B. with Rosalia V., both of Lakewood

HEMLEY/KETTER Aaron O.’Neil, Tacoma, with Jessica Rose, Olympia

HERRMANN/STORY Gerald Dale with Kelly Annette, both of Eatonville

HOLT/LITTLE David Erik with Blake Kristine, both of Lake Tapps

HOLTZ/SMITH Crystal Dawn with Derek Carl, both of Buckley

HORTON/BURTON Frumentius Rychard A., Tacoma, with Faith Renee, University Place

HUNTOON/FAUBLE George William IV with Taylor Jane, both of Gig Harbor

HUTT/HAMILTON Sharla Rae with Gary Ray, both of Puyallup

JAGOSH/JAGOSH David Alan with Lynn Marie, both of Puyallup

JONES/LUNDELL Joseph Andrew Jr. with Tara Denise, both of Roy

KAFTON/HENDERSON Heather Marie with Christopher Michael, both of Graham

KEHL/MUSSELMAN Sylvia J. with David C., both of Tacoma

KELLY/WAGNER Sean Michael with Theresa Marie, both of Gig Harbor

KOHLER/JOHNSON Joseph Roger with Freda Louise, both of Tacoma

KROUT/BENNETT David Patrick, Puyallup, with Karin Michelle, Tacoma

KUEHL/LEVISON Markus McKinley with Mary Lynn, both of Tacoma

LATAYAN/IGNACO Jann Orvielle F., JBLM, with Nikki Ribei E., Puyallup

LAWSON/KREIGER Alice Marie with Michael Raymon Jr., both of Lakewood

LEE/BORTHWICK John Michael Hartway, Tacoma, with Brittany, Bolingbrook, Ill.

LITMAN/STEINBACHER Amanda Dawn with Aaron Andrew Allen, both of Tacoma

LITTLE/HAYWOOD Theresa Marie with Kylis Anwan, both of Tacoma

LOPEZ/LANIER Martina Gabriela with David Myron, both of Bonney Lake

LOWERY/THISTLEHAWK-RANCK Joseph Edwin with Brendan David, both of Tacoma

MAHONEY/JOHNSON Chad Anthony with Amie Marie, both of Tacoma

MARTH/GREENWOOD Alicia Jo with Johnathan Arthur, both of Tacoma

MATISON/WENNGREN Stephanie Paule, Tacoma, with Carl Anders Edward, Osby, Sweden

MAXEY/SERVANDE Chad Edwin, Tacoma, with Gladyz Lasala, Enumclaw

McBRIDE/FRAME Frank Ashton-Brake with Kristin Renee, both of Gig Harbor

McINELLY/HUTSON Amy Jo, Bonney Lake, with Patrick Brian, Puyallup

MELTON/O’DONNELL Jeffrey David with Patience Kyrie, both of Tacoma

MESTER/GENEREUX Stephen Emory with Linda Rose, both of Tacoma

MEZA/VENCES Ediel with Salinas Maribel, both of Tacoma

MILLER/HALL Jarvis Kahlyl with Jasmyne Monique, both of Federal Way

MILLER/ELLISON Suede W. with Victoria Maria, both of Tacoma

MITCHELL/McGLOTHLIN Alyssa Nichole with Joshua Michael, both of Tacoma

MONROE/KNOLL Tad Jeremy with Holly Jeanette, both of Tacoma

MOORE/COYNE Katlin Rose with Craig Martin, both of Seattle

NASWORTHY/BALLENTINE Amanda Faye with Sean Christopher Webb, both of Fife

NATION/ROLL Halani with Matthew, both of Tacoma

NEWELL/SCHAEFER Brealynn Kay with David Roy, both of Spanaway

NEWTON/OSBORN Jesikah Marie with Logan Davis, both of JBLM

NGUYEN/LE VAN Giang Truong with Hoang Y., both of Tacoma

ODEN/BROWN Terrance Bernard with Bridget, both of Tacoma

OLIVER/OLIVER Julien Elijah Bodhi with Minnimah Shamsid-Din, both of Tacoma

OLSON/DAVIS Moses Kim with Erica Marie, both of Renton

OWEN/OUM Cody Roy with Sokchanda, both of Tacoma

PARKER/CAMPBELL Tracie Annmarie with Ryan Alan, both of Gig Harbor

PATTISON/PATTISON Deana Rae with Corey Michael, both of Buckley

PEARSON/CRAKER Darcy Lee with Dale William, both of Gig Harbor

PENNEL/WEAVER Kathryn M. with Brett A., both of Tacoma

PERKINS/WALDORF Cheyenne Kari with Joshua David, both of Tacoma

PORTERFIELD/MELCHOR LOPEZ Susan Marie with Teodulfo, both of Tacoma

PRICE/VASEGA Matthew Charles, Lacey, with Faamaoina F., Tacoma

PULIDO/MARTIN Jose Francisco, Tacoma, with Taylor Hallie Marie, Yelm

RAMIREZ/RUSHING Robert Anthony, Tacoma, with Nichole Monique, Olympia

REESE/CHANG Amanda Dawn with Fu Ming, both of Tacoma

RICHARDS/SOMERS Kevlyn with Ryan, both of Seattle

RIDEN/SMITH Danielle Jean-Louise with Stephen Maxwell, both of Puyallup

RITCHIE/COX Sarah Ursula with Scott Allen, both of Puyallup

ROBERSON/RHAMY James Alan with Jessica Mae, both of Graham

ROBINSON/MacDONALD Shelby D. with Yvonne A., both of Fife

ROUNDY/RYAN Bryan Thomas with Savanna Christine, both of Tacoma

SAKHAN/KEO Linda Kuntear with Chamroeun, both of Puyallup

SANTIAGO/DIRIGE Sheryl Suarez with Keith-Jorge Quenga, both of Spanaway

SCHLIEMAN/BRAUN Paul Andrew with Lynnea Kindall, both of Puyallup

SCHNELLER/HIBBERT Erika Ann with Brian Robert, both of Puyallup

SEABOLT/BOLEY Anthony S. with Amanda A., both of Gig Harbor

SICOTORSCHI/CHEBAN Iaroslav M., Tacoma, with Anna F., Kent

SIDIBE/MITCHELL Brenda Lee with Mark Anthony, both of University Place

SKAGGS/HOOPER Heidi Michelle with Paul Ian, both of Gig Harbor

SNYDER/ADRIAN Maxwell Christian with Jasmine Ashley, both of Fife

STEWART/LEKWAUWA Jevon D. R., Tacoma, with Angelica N., SeaTac

SYLLA/SINGARE Lacine with Mariam Sylla, both of Tacoma

THOMAS/CASE Theodore Chancy, JBLM, with Shawna Rae, Vancouver

THOMPSON/UGBIYOBO Bello Orlando with Francisca Iserere, both of Fife

TREEN/DEUTSCH Shannon Nichole, Tacoma, with Paul Garard, Chandler, Ariz.

TWOMBLY/BISSELL Erik Doyle with Jacquelyn Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

UMBLE/WADE Nicholas Eric with Jennifer Hope, both of Puyallup

VAUGHN/JARDINE Donald Lee with Eun Mee, both of Puyallup

VELAZQUEZ/HIGGINS Joseph Anthony, Seattle, with Kimberley Lorraine, Tacoma

VERRAES/HAMMACK Lauren Renee with Russell, both of Bonney Lake

WAHLBERG/NGUYEN Lars Andrew with Vy Tong Phuong, both of Tacoma

WANG/NA Ming, Kent, with Dan, San Gabriel, Calif.

WEBSTER/RUEL Kyle Brady, Fircrest, with Nicole Robin, Port Alberni, British Columbia

WEGER/WILLIS Brandon Shane with Stevie Michelle, both of Steilacoom

WEGER/BARDELLI Joseph Thomas, Tacoma, with Salgueiro Camila, Federal Way

WICKSTROM/SINGH Melissa Evelyn with Amritpal, both of Tacoma

WRIGHT/DUNIVAN Aaron Michael, Graham, with Samantha Jo, Spanaway