Owner of dogs accused of mauling woman in Tacoma attack fights to keep them alive

The owner of two pit bulls that police say attacked a woman in Tacoma is fighting to to keep them from being euthanized.

Surveillance video from July 31 shows dogs attacking 67-year-old Donna Berto outside a smoke shop in the 6200 block of 29th Street Northeast. Berto was knocked to the ground, and the dogs bit her repeatedly in the head, leg, arms and face.

It wasn’t until a man walked out of the store and fired a handgun that the dogs were scared away.

“These dogs are right in my face, and (I was) trying to push them back and push them away from me and protect my face as best I could,” Berto said after the attack.

A week later, the city of Tacoma picked up two dogs in the neighborhood and declared them dangerous, but the owner of the dogs said that her pit bulls weren’t the ones that attacked Berto.

Prosecutors allege the two dogs belong to Devin Cannady. They are in the custody of animal control, and the city wants them euthanized.

While in court Wednesday fighting to save her dogs, Cannady cried as Berto testified about the attack.

“I was exiting the car and shut the door,” Berto said. “I started for the door (of the smoke shop), and the next thing I remember, I was on the ground.

“The dogs are dangerous, and the city anticipates asking that the dogs be humanely euthanized,” Tacoma deputy city attorney Jennifer Taylor said in court Wednesday.

Berto says she loves dogs but believes the ones that attacked her are dangerous and should be put down.