Marriage licenses for week ending Oct. 9, 2015

ABARDO/JUEGO Solomon Millare with Lily Piamonte, both of Lakewood

ABDON/ABDON Cecelia Maria with Felix Jr., both of Fife

AGUILAR/CHINCHILLA Enamorado Riccy Mabel with Murcia Orlys Ivan, both of Tacoma

AKINS/HOWERTON Michael Joe with Martha Maria, both of Lake Tapps

ALEXANDER/MERINO Terrance Eugene with Maricel Mesajon, both of Tacoma

ALLEN/MORENO Jamal Myron, Miami, Fla., with Denise, Compton, Calif.

ANDERSON/WHILDEN Hannah Marie with Samuel Robert, both of Tacoma

ANDERSON/JENSEN Matthew Doane with Kailee Breanne, both of Puyallup

ANDERSON/ODOM Tiffany Tajavae with Michael Anthony, both of Lacey

ARKHIPCHUK/KHALINA Leonid S. with Svitlana, both of Tacoma

BANGCAYA/BANGCAYA Martin Legaspi with Mary Athonette Edu, both of Puyallup

BEDWELL/SOS Joshua Charles with Brigitta Zsofia, both of Puyallup

BENNETT/STRINGER Amurah June with Craig Joshua II, both of Lakewood

BIN/RIM Vankosal, Olympia, with Julisha, Tacoma

BING/CASSAMAJOR Ernell Laray II with Alexis Chantel, both of University Place

CABUSAO/PRESTO Kimberly Ann Tobias with Derek Kane, both of Tacoma

CARDIS/KETCHUM Haley Marie with Evan Nicholas, both of Roy

CARDONA-MEJIA/SAMANIEGO Celeste with Jose Juan, both of Puyallup

CARLISLE/ARMER Ronald Keith II with Julia Shelby, both of JBLM

CHAMBERLIN/WAINAINA Frankline Leroy, Puyallup, with Mary Wangui, Tacoma

CONTRERAS/BOLANOS Montalvo Erendira with Nieto Justo, both of Lakewood

COOK/CRAMER Stephanie L. with Jeremy R., both of Puyallup

COUCH/MANLONGAT Arnold Lee with Devine Grace Gilmo, both of Lakewood

DARDIS/HELLER Robert Raymond with Diana Marie, both of Spanaway

DURBIN/WOLFE Richard Murray, Tacoma, with Angela Joy, Puyallup

EDGERTON/STITH Nathan with Gia Carita, both of Tacoma

FEGURGUR/KIN Vikki Pangelinan with Chhuniroth, both of Tacoma

FERNANDEZ-MARTINEZ/GONZALEZ Oscar Alberto with Iracema Avila, both of Tacoma

FLEMING/KATSCHMAN James Michael with Melanie Belle, both of Gig Harbor

FREEH/PLOETZ Joseph Tyler with Elsa Alexander, both of Tucson, Ariz.

GAETA/HOLDEN Jasmine Maria with Logan Scott, both of JBLM

GARNER/HUTCHERSON Tasha Annette with Steve Jr., both of Tacoma

GILL/NADEAU Vikki Kay with Shanon Tara, both of Gig Harbor

GOLDER/TAYLOR Anthony James with Vahlia Jean, both of Tacoma

GOUDEAU/DURHAM Rennell Antoine, Tacoma, with Elizabeth Rose, Graham

GRACIER/WERNER Justin Bonner with Azalee Breanna, both of Steilacoom

GROVES/HITCH Timothy Daniel with Alyson Jo Marshall, both of Gig Harbor

HARRIS-BELEFORD/RENFRO Shyla Re Ann with Ruben Burr, both of Tacoma

HART/SWITZER Kathy Kay with Patrick Brian, both of South Prairie

HARTSHORN/LA RUE Eugene Thomas with Jessica Suzanne, both of Anderson Island

HERNANDEZ/MAYNARD Pedro Manuel Sr. with Diane Louise, both of Tacoma

HIETT/COSTELLO Nicole Christina with Chenele Leneatra, both of Tacoma

HILLIARD/WELCH Kamaria Aisha with Dario Armon, both of Tacoma

HUMPHREYS/SUMMERS-SMITH Laura Elisabeth with Matthew Beckett, both of Tacoma

HURST/WOODHAM Brandi Nicole with Jessica Leigh, both of Puyallup

JAMES/JONES Matthew Peter, Wapato, Wash., with Tyrhondria Shantrelle, Killeen, Texas

JOHNSON/SORENSEN Timothy Daniel, DuPont, with Debra Jean, Puyallup

JONES/FERRIS Hailey Dionne with Matthew Corey, both of Gig Harbor

KADYK/LEFEBVRE Jena Lynn with Adrian Michael, both of Tacoma

KELLER/WILSON Zachary John, JBLM, with Hannah Augusta, Tacoma

KUHN/TAYLOR Baron Ross with Quinn Cameron, both of Tacoma

LABERGE/BROWN Anders Kristian with Megan Isabella, both of Snohomish

LARANCE/LANGE James Luke with Sarah Nicole, both of Sumner

LAWSON/MEYER Brian Christopher with Melissa Renee, both of Puyallup

LE JAPAN/FINEMAN Van, Auburn, with Sarah Melanie, Tacoma

LEAVITT/TANNER Cara Brianna, Tacoma, with Brandon Cole, Longview, Texas

LEE/CRAWFORD Kirsten Kuuhiapo-Leilani, Auburn, with Matthew Todd, Puyallup

LEUTELE/MAPU Anthony Michael, JBLM, with Luamalae Andrea, Radcliff, Ky.

LONGLEY/BAYLIS Angelica Josephine, Tukwila, with Tyrell Davon, Tacoma

MACGRAY/O’LEARY Barry G. with Sharon R., both of Puyallup

MARTIN/WARREN Dion Kenny Jr. with Crystal Marie, both of Tacoma

MARTINEZ/JOHNSON Courtney Ann with Quinton Anthony, both of Puyallup

MBALA/McLEMORE Triomphe Mbondi with Carrie Anne, both of Lakewood

McGUYER/BURLING Gage Dean with Kylie Christine, both of Tacoma

McNEAL-JAMES/JAMES Laini Tazamisha with Anthony Paul, both of University Place

MELANG/MUDALIAR Kilea Linnet with Vignesh Paran, both of Tacoma

MESSAMER/WEST Daniel Eugene with Catherine Michelle, both of Puyallup

MONTANTE/WOOD Thomas Joseph with Chiara Diane, both of University Place

MOORE/POTTER Austin Matthew with Destinee Nicole, both of Milton

MOWER/STOCKING Gregory Robert, Buckley, with Brittney Lynn, Buck

MULLEN/YNIESTA Catherine Rachel with Samuel, both of Los Angeles, Calif.

MYCHKO/KARASHCHUK Diana Olegovina, Federal Way, with Vladimir Pavlovich, Tacoma

NELLE/HUENE Andrew Blake with Kelly Kristine, both of Lakewood

NEUMILLER/CURTIS Jenna Lacey with Anthony Mithcell, both of Tacoma

NEWTON/HARGROVE Tashara Latrice with Antonio Junious, both of Tacoma

NOVAK/SMITHSON Danielle Nicole with Kenneth James, both of Auburn

OLSEN/HUYGHE Warren Roy with Sandra Luz, both of Graham

OLSON/FLEGAL Aaron Vern with Roxanne Jeanine, both of Puyallup

OTTERSBERG/WHALE Ann Marie with Robert John, both of Sumner

PAIUK/OAKES Gary Walter with Diana Mae, both of Tacoma

PENHASI/RIDEN Tiffany Anne with Timothy Scott, both of Tacoma

PEREZ/RICHARDSON Pablo Ramirez, Richmond, Calif., with Kyli E., Puyallup

PHILPOTT/FARJALLAH Joshua Lee with Mariane, both of Puyallup

PLISEK/TREVISAN Jacob Levi with Cristiano Rogerio, both of Tacoma

PRESLEY/DOYLE Aarron J. with Kylee P. J., both of Spanaway

RAY/ANDRES Brendon Mathew with Brittany Lynn, both of Eatonville

REEVES/DIXON Tanisha Cherie with Donnika Tasha, both of Tacoma

RHODES/BARNES Kim Oakland with Roberta Rena, both of Burien

RICO-PENA/ADAMS Kimberly with Anthony Eric, both of Lakewood

RUBERT/MONTAGUE Cassondra Michele with Clinton Dale, both of South Prairie

RUFFIN/FARVE Laquisha Lynn with Earl, both of Tacoma

RUNDLE/BOLDEN David Richard with Kent Roswell, both of Tacoma

SAEZ/MORENO Virgen Maria with Jesus, both of Yelm

SEARS/NOBILE Susan Marie, Lakewood, with Robert Charles, Federal Way

SEIBERT/MARSHALL Nicholas Michael with Melinda Anne, both of Gig Harbor

SHENEMAN/BARKER John Robert, Tacoma, with Linda May, Lakewood

SILVEIRA/DAVIS Laurion Charles with Cynthia Denise, both of Lakewood

SIMCOE/SEYSSEL Alaina Brooke with Troy Jon, both of Lakebay

SNOW/BYLIN Paula Jean with Thomas Damien, both of Bonney Lake

SUMARA/FISHER Daniel Joseph with Dona-nalani Sumiko, both of Lakewood

THOMPSON/LEIATAUA Pino George with Vanessa Mareta, both of Lakewood

THOMPSON/RODGERS Tiara Monica with Jemell Marquise, both of Steilacoom

TILFORD/BALLARD Travis Douglas with Lindsay Christine, both of Graham

TRENTER/RADA Mark Anthony, Eatonville, with Michelle De Chavez, Tacoma

VERBITSKY/TARASOVA Nikolas Pavlovich, Bothell, with Liliya Aleksandrova, Tacoma

VINES/RASH Spenser Walter with Sarah Umiko, both of Tacoma

WADE/JONES Brittany S., Huntsville, Ala., with Darelle R., Lakewood

WARD/BREINER Jessica A. with Jeffery D., both of Tacoma

WARD/CRUZ Julius Paul, Tacoma, with Melanie Anne, Eatonville

WARD/ANTER Orlic Kimbali with Precious Nyemah, both of Lakewood

WATSON/EVERT Adam Ellsworth with Janessa Jo, both of Puyallup

WILSON/RING Sarah Elisabeth with Andrew Lee, both of Gig Harbor

WRIGHT/KING Alicia Ann with Ian Joseph, both of Puyallup

WYMAN/WILLERT Lisa Dee with Dale Jay, both of Tacoma