Marriage licenses for week ending Oct. 16, 2015

ALMENDARIZ/PARKER Moises with Donna, both of Tacoma

ALVAREZ/SMITH Brenda L., Kent, with Harris Alexis B., Federal Way

AMEZCUA/BUSTAMANTE Aguilar Alberto with Nieto Carina Lizbeth, both of Lakewood

ARMENTA/STEWART Rena Renee with Benjamin Matthew, both of Tacoma

ARNDT/GARZA Gina Paulina Marie with Damien, both of Graham

AZORBLY/SACKEY Innocent with Rejoice Amakumah, both of Tacoma

BAILEY/HAGER Daniel Scott, Seattle, with Tabitha Ann, Tacoma

BANGAN/BOGARIN Celeste Alexandra with De La Cruz Arlene M., both of Lakewood

BANNA/PULLEN Jerald Ted Jr. with Angelique Michelle, both of Tacoma

BARRIENTOS/GONZALES Karen Liliana with Arthur James Jr., both of Lakewood

BARTLEY/COMER Brittany Lyn, Redmond, with Ian James, Puyallup

BENSON/WHITE Joshua Wayne with Jillian Dawn, both of Tacoma

BERGSTROM/STEWART Sarah Bethany with Jesse Ray, both of Puyallup

BORING/BALINGCASAG Andrew Ryan with Agnes Montecalvo, both of Tacoma

BREKKE/MACAS Abbe Elizabeth with Sigcha Hector Gabriel, both of University Place

BRITTINGHAM/HAMRE Bradley Thomas with Andrea Loree, both of Puyallup

BUFF/GOMEZ Daniel Ray with Robertalee Shawn, both of Tacoma

BURT/RAVE Hollie Renee with Damian Crash, both of Puyallup

CAMARENA/AGUILERA Paredes Miluska G. with Cobos Raul, both of Tacoma

CHINN/BERGER Alvin Mark with Jon William, both of Roy

CREEK/BROWN Amanda Ashley with Kevin Michael, both of Lakewood

CUNNINGHAM/HOWELL Shane M. with Yasmin C., both of Tacoma

CZERWINSKI/RADTKE Eric Allen, Sussex, Wis., with Savannah Jade Lynn, Waukesha, Wis.

DELORENZO-MACE/EDGERTON Melania Carmela with Deven Craig, both of Tacoma

DOMINGUE/LAWRENCE Marcus Sheldon with Samantha Mae, both of Tacoma

ENNEKING/STANLEY Dolly Adelae-Maye with Kyle Matthew, both of Gig Harbor

ENRIQUEZ/MARQUINA Erik Alejandro with Natividad Abigail, both of Lakewood

ESPICH/BOWLING Geoffrey Taylor, Tacoma, with Haley Diann, Nappanee, Ind.

ESTER/NEWCHURCH Adam James, Poulsbo, with Eleece Danielle, Tacoma

FAHEY/RIDER Kylee Lynnette, Pacific, with Steven Bruce, Puyallup

FRIDDLE/UBANDO Scott Austin with Julice Nohea Kelii Silva, both of Spanaway

GARCIA-CHAVEZ/LOPEZ-PENA Juan with Karla Iveth, both of Gig Harbor

GARNER/VILLANI Sheldon Scott Sr., Sequim, with Tinamarie Florence, Graham

GATZ/NORSWORTHY Selina Marie with Cory Dean, both of Bonney Lake

GEORGE/MITCHELL Sean with Tabitha Stevens, both of Puyallup

GILLIES/ARNE Jonathan Wales with Michelle Louise, both of University Place

GILMORE/BENTZ Hannah Emmaley with Nolan Jeffrey, both of Puyallup

GRAMAJO/ALVARADO Celso Arnold Jr. with Baez Fatima, both of Tacoma

HAN/CHOI Arum with Chong Kook, both of Federal Way

HAN/GIONG Yong Tak with He Jae, both of University Place

HEITSMITH/BRANDENBURG Carol Anne with Anthony Wayne, both of University Place

INGRAHAM/MANALO Patricia Marie with Benjamin Acosta Jr., both of Federal Way

JANSEN/LEE Kerstan Kees with Ji Young, both of Bonney Lake

JEONG/EVANS Youngsuk with Jerome D. Jr., both of Tacoma

JONES/McCOY Daniel Frederick Jr. with Samantha Kay, both of Puyallup

JONES/KONU Devan Robert with Sara, both of Puyallup

JONES/MATICH Richard Thomas with Bernardita Fernandez, both of Lakewood

JORDAN/BERKOWITZ Stefanie Anne with Anthony Harvey, both of Lakewood

KARASHCHUK/KOT Sergey P., Tacoma, with Maryana P., Federal Way

KDEP/CHAN Brenda Vethchara with Sophoeun, both of Puyallup

KENNEDY/BOVA Brian Matthew with Brooke Dina, both of Fircrest

KRYSHTAPOVYCH/KUCHER Viacheslav V., Tacoma, with Nelya P., Auburn

LEBEAU/KNOWLES Alycia Nicole with Michael Scott, both of Fife

LEW/SOLTMAN Tracey Elizabeth Lin-Oi with Daniel Benjamin, both of Portland, Ore.

LOUVIERE/DAYLE Trapper James with Lindsey, both of Puyallup

MAAE/FILIGA Breysen V. with Suria T., both of Puyallup

MACKEY/WHITE Lawrence Chatmon with Cicely Esther, both of Puyallup

MASON/KACZMAREK Stephanie Ann with Michael Weston, both of Lacey

McGILLEN/SAUNDERS Jesse Joseph, Lafayette, Ore., with Celeste Rae, Kimball, Mich.

MOHLER/PORTER Deanna Marie with Lee Henry, both of Sumner

MOSS/GONZALES Joseph Lindely with Luci Ana, both of Tacoma

NGUYEN/PHAN Hung Thanh with My Tran, both of Tacoma

NIETO/CHISA Destinee Camille with David Taran, both of Puyallup

O’HARA/ATKATSH Rebekah Marie with Russell John, both of Tacoma

PACKARD/ANDERSON Richard Scott, Pocatello, Idaho, with Karen, Tacoma

PEJSA/BURRIS Donald Joseph with Wray Beth, both of Eatonville

PEREKOPSKY/LUZHNYKH Alvina Sasha, University Place, with Rudolf Aleksandrovich, Puyallup

PETRI/McLAUGHLIN Eric Anthony Joseph with Catherine Mansfield, both of Tacoma

PETROVICH/LONG Matia Lee with Travis Wayne, both of Puyallup

PHAM/TRAN Lan T. with Trang T., both of Tacoma

PILATO/SEFATU Iosua Cornelius with Cinta, both of Tacoma

POWERS/DEMASTER Michael Francis with Daniel Erwin, both of Tacoma

RICHMOND/SOTO-CRUZ Kyesha Neshae with Juan Diego, both of Tacoma

ROBINSON/TURNER-COGER Hakeem Ahora, Tacoma, with Tekeha Lapatra, Lacey

ROBLES/GUINN Orlando Justino with Stephanie Jayne, both of Fife

ROMAN/GALLION Montalvo Natharich Ian, Chicago Hts., Ill., with Lacee Lashon, Spanaway

RUSSELL/FAY Daniel with Heather Marie, both of Tacoma

SAXON/SIMONS Sarah Lynn with Zachary Allen, both of Puyallup

SCHULZE/RAMIREZ Marissa Dawn with Jose Luis, both of Eatonville

SHAW/CALHOON Sondra Gale with Scott Langley, both of Gig Harbor

SMITH/THOMAS Lakendra Lashea with Jonyetta Sharice, both of Tacoma

SMITH/SLAYTON Robert Elvis II, Tacoma, with Charlotte Lynn, Federal Way

SOTO/LARIOS Anthony C. with Valencia Jenny, both of Tacoma

STAERK/KELLY Matthew Mark Leonhard with Timothy Brian, both of Tacoma

STALKFLEET/FISHER Chala Brooke with Aaron Elliott Sr., both of Anchorage, Alaska

TEREKHOVA/POLUEKTOV Natalya A. with Andrey Y., both of Gig Harbor

TREW/GRENNELL Leslie Diane with Janet Lori, both of Auburn

TRUESDELL/GARCIA Brett Matthew with Breeana Nicole, both of Tacoma

VENEGAS/MONROE Allen Mitchell, Renton, with Asenath Leann, Tacoma

WALKER/SAMS Melissa Ann, Spanaway, with Danny Lee, Tacoma

WAYNE/ECKERT Cory Michael with Natalie Naomi, both of Puyallup

WINTERS/YORK Stephanie Kenielle with Octavius Montego, both of JBLM

WOOD/BIEGLER Christopher Reece with Jennifer Anne, both of Tacoma

WOOD/KINLOW Tiffany Jeanette with Dazmond Terrell, both of Tacoma