Marriage licenses for week ending Nov. 6, 2015

ALONSO/BROWN Suarez Yasmin with Johnnie Gerard Jr., both of Tacoma

ALVAREZ/SWENSRUD Bonnie Jean with Sean Allen, both of Tacoma

AVILA/HANSEN Angelique Kristle, Fremont, Calif., with Justyn Thomas, JBLM

BALLINGER/JAKOVLJEVIC Elizabeth Michelle with Isidor Zivojin, both of Tacoma

BORTON/WOLFE Jeffery Dean with Lindsey Joy, both of Puyallup

BRATCHER/CURTIS Angelica Nadine with Johnathon William, both of Lakewood

BREEDLOVE/CLEMONS Anthony Lee with Tanisha Marie, both of Tacoma

BRONES/REVEL Anna Elizabeth with Luc, both of Vaughn

BROWN/BLANTON Kristen L. with Kyle Kaimalu E., both of Auburn

BURKE/MORRISON Aaron Alan with Terri Ann, both of Bonney Lake

BUSH/HREN Arika Lynn, University Place, with Daniel George, Port Angeles

CHILSON/MATOS John David with Hernandez Aidalies, both of Lakewood

CONNOR/DUNAGAN Michael Patrick with Jessica Loree, both of Fife

CRABTREE/MURPHY Zachary Ryan, JBLM, with Christina Marie, Spanaway

DESIMONE/MADDEN Matthew Salvatore with Cara Danielle, both of Tacoma

DOCHERTY/HOWARD Andrew Charles Preston with Jasmine Nicole, both of Puyallup

DUNN/BETTS Nicholas Brent, Orting, with Bridgette Leann, Laurel, Mont.

EDWARDS/BECKER Jonathan David with Amanda Ruth Noel, both of Tacoma

ELLIOTT/HILLS Ariana L., JBLM, with Shatoria L., Columbia, S.C.

ESPINOZA/ASBELL Diana Maria, Tucson, Ariz., with Brandon Jordan, JBLM

FAIDLEY/BANKS Sareisah Elizabeth with Isaiah Dangelo, both of Tacoma

FLORIO/MONCAYO Noreen Marie, Redmond, with Oscar Javier, Lynbrook, N.Y.

FUAAU/MAPP Yolanda Samantha with Martin Kalepo, both of Tacoma

GHULAM/AL-MUSAWI Mohammed, London, Ontario, with Sara S., Orting

GLASSMAN/GRAETER Robert W. with Andrea C., both of Tacoma

GONZALEZ-MORALES/RUBIO Elizabeth with Guzman Jose Maria, both of Puyallup

GRANGER/HILDEBRANDT Kelly P. with Cynthia M., both of Auburn

HARRIS/VARELA Nicholas Harold with Jacob, both of Tacoma

HATCH/ZHANG Edwin Clifford, Silverdale, with Celine Xiyan, Gig Harbor

HELMICK/COLBURN Victoria Rose with Maurice Tyler, both of Tacoma

HOOD/MINCER Gary Charles with Kimberly Ann, both of Sumner

JENKINS/SCOTT Morlon Tony Jr. with Sabrina Nicole, both of DuPont

JOHNSON/DALE Seth David with Sally Ann, both of Tacoma

JOHNSON/BIGAND Teresa Louise with Denis Alexandrovitch, both of Tacoma

KERR/REID Damar Rupert with Sonjay Camoy, both of Lakewood

KESTERSON/BROWN Robert Lem with Lacy Noelle, both of Roy

KHUTH/PHANG Deville Kumphak, JBLM, with Vicki, Brooklyn Center, Minn.

KING/DIAZ Sheena Frankie, Miami Gardens, Fla., with Joshua S., JBLM

LABRIOLA/LABRIOLA Dominic Edward with Joey Danielle, both of Puyallup

LACHAPELLE/DRUMMOND Jordan Claire with Shawn, both of Puyallup

LEONARD/CHEN Leo Earl, Yelm, with Xiaohong, Spanaway

LETOURNEAU/CAMARA Kyle Robert, Tacoma, with Amanda Lynn, Fairhaven, Mass.

LEWIS/JEON Austin David with Heewon, both of Lakewood

LIOW/YAN Christine Jiunting with Michael Youkuan, both of Tacoma

LOFRANCO/WATSON Dominic V. with Talia M., both of Lakewood

MACIAS-MARIN/HERRERA Juan Hector, Olympia, with Maria Esthela, Tacoma

MAHER/PATZER Lacey Dane with Daniel Charles, both of Gig Harbor

MAO/ZHAO Yuegang with Min, both of DuPont

MARAR/KUBAI Artur A. with Zoia I., both of Fife

MARTELL/TEJADA Billy Hans with Ana Belqui, both of Federal Way

MARTIN/TJHUNG Robert Lee III with Jasmine, both of University Place

MITCHELL/MERRILL Mckenzie Madison with Tyler James, both of Tacoma

MOESTA/ALAWAD Patrick Archibald with Leila Caringal, both of Tacoma

MOKARZEL/WYMORE Lora J. with Tracy Wayne, both of Puyallup

MORALES/WOOTEN Leonardo Rivera with Lorene Denise, both of Tacoma

MORRIS/HOMOLKA Alexander Jeffrey with Jeremy David, both of Tacoma

MORRISON/DEAN Brian James with April Lynn, both of Federal Way

NAGAO/CHAMVONG Teruaki with Sujata, both of Edgewood

NELSON/CHIONG Terry Wayne with Erlinda Caay, both of Puyallup

NGUYEN/NGUYEN Vien Xuan Jr. with Duong Ngoc Thuy Jr., both of Tacoma

PACHECO/HERNANDEZ Corey Vincent with Isabel Joy, both of Las Vegas, Nev.

PEREZ/WINTER Janielle Cruz, with Gavin Mafnas, both of Spanaway

POLLARD/STEELE Robert Wayne with Mary Elizabeth, both of Spanaway

PRICE/MOORE Paul Seane Jr., JBLM, with Caitlin Michelle, San Antonio, Texas

PRIESTER/NICHOLSON Ciera Rochelle with Christopher Marquise, both of Tacoma

PRYOR/JOHNSON Brian Roger with Christina Lynn, both of Puyallup

RETZER/CANON Hayden Tucker, Spanaway, with Hannah Lorraine, Tacoma

ROCHA/KOLAKOVIC Jessica Kay, Tacoma, with Uros, Lake Forest Park

ROSS/MERRELL Austin James, JBLM, with Brittany Taylor, Lakewood

SALAVEA/TAAI Pale Hunkin Jr. with Sinoti Ruta, both of University Place

SMITH/SHERMAN Kalee Nicole with Michael Dean, both of Roy

STENHOUSE/CONOVER Kayla Nicole, Federal Way, with Brett Andrew, JBLM

STOLTENBERG/DEL REMEDIOS Larry Dean II, Spanaway, with Merlita Manahan, Renton

SUNAGAWA/SYMONDS Kayla Ann with Henry Isaiah, both of Chino Hills, Calif.

SYLSTAD/LOVSTROM Darren Patrick, Gig Harbor, with Haley Le Ann, Tacoma

TICHY/CEZENNE Sean D. with Kye S., both of Tacoma

TIMMONS/NOEL Gregory Wayne with Kathie Elizabeth, both of Gig Harbor

TROUBETZKOY/KALAC Nicholas Peter with Carlie Ann, both of DuPont

URBANO/SANCHEZ Kathleen Velasquez with Carlos Anthony, both of Bonney Lake

VIGIL/EKSTROM Mark W. Jr. with Debra J., both of Graham

VILLAGOMEZ/NUNEZ Juanita Fleming with Nicholas Augustus, both of Tacoma

WENICK/DIMAIO Julia Elizabeth with Anthony Allen, both of Milton

WILLIAMS/CELESTINE Corey Javar with Tranecia Shanelle, both of Tacoma

WILLIAMS/MENDIVIL Eric Jonathan Jr. with Pindter Diego, both of Tacoma

WINGARD/THOMSON Jared Jonathan with Mayce Taylor, both of Puyallup

WOOD/SCUDDER Kevin Ray with Suzanne Vivette, both of Tacoma

YANEZ/WARD Ashley Ray with Amar Damarcus, both of Tacoma

YUKISH/LARSEN Jordan Paul, Edgewood, with Nicole, Bonney Lake