Marriage licenses for week ending June 10, 2016

AGUILAR/ESPINOZA Mayra Alexandra with Samuel, both of JBLM

ALEJO/COVILLE Alyssa Nichole with Bradley John, both of Spanaway

ALEXANDER/PANNELL Robin Kathleen, Puyallup, with Daniel Herbert, Graham

ANDERSON/CROSS Janet Regina with Jonathan Leigh, both of Tacoma

ANGLISS/DORFNER Stephen James, Edgewood, with Kimberlee Nicole, Spanaway

ANTHONY/CLOUSE Stephen Michael with Deanna Sonja, both of Federal Way

ANTONUCCI-FALCOCCHIO/KARNAVAS Sierra Rose with Stephen Erick, both of Gig Harbor

ARCINIEGA/HUNTON Jose Enrique with Amber Elizabeth, both of Graham

ARRINGTON/BROWN Marcus Thomas with Makenzie Kristine, both of Lakewood

AVALOS/BARNES J. R. with Victoria Renee, both of Puyallup

BARRERA/LAROCO Rodel Canlas with Leonibelle Fernandez, both of Fife

BAZ/GREKOVA Dmitri with Yuliia, both of Fircrest

BEATY/STANLEY Loni Kay with Ryan Courtney, both of Kirkland

BENDYNA/MIA Sarah Marie, Fairchild AFB, with Everett Kamuela, JBLM

BERG/WRIGHT Kayla Hope with Austen Tracy, both of Graham

BISCOCHO/LONG Brian with Marissa, both of Fife

BISNETT/HARPER Monica Susanne with Jason Edwin, both of Tacoma

BLACK/KING Jason Troy with Cassandra Marie, both of Bonney Lake

BLANCHARD/HUSMANN Vicky with Rickey Lee II, both of Tacoma

BOSS/BUFFONE Alicia Lynn with Justin Albert, both of Tacoma

BOYD/HIGBEE Stephanie M. with Andy Lee, both of Puyallup

BRAICKS/COMBS Richard Harry with Pamela Kristin, both of Vashon

BRAVO DE RUEDA/CORDOVA RENDON Reynaldo Fausto with Marcela Lourdes, both of Puyallup

BROSSOIT/BAKER Alisa Nicole with Jonathan Russell, both of Lakewood

BROWN/HOLLAND Melanie Joy with Sarah Jane, both of Tacoma

BRYANT/CLAUSELL Carr Tanganyika Imuni with Rita Monique, both of Sacramento, Calif.

BUCHMILLER/DAVIS Kristina Irene with Jeffrey Michael, both of Graham

BURBACH/AGNEW Ashley Reann with Alan Jones, both of Lakewood

BURKETT/CLARK Tyler Joseph with John Michael, both of Puyallup

CAICEDO CASILIMA/GAONA MARIACA Jose Gregorio with Maria Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

CHAIJAROEN/RODRIGUEZ Veera Joseph with Cecilia, both of Federal Way

CHIABURU/ZLIPCA Pavel with Alina, both of Tacoma

CHOI/LEE Chong Won with Grace Eunhye, both of Tacoma

COCHRAN/JOHNSON Chelsea Annette with Jacob Vincent, both of Spanaway

COOPER/QUIROZ Christopher James with Grace Janice, both of Tacoma

CORTEZ/WILLIAMS David Hernan with Kelsey Nichole, both of Spanaway

CRANDALL/DAVIS Michelle Marie with James Patrick, both of Tacoma

CUNNINGHAM/McCLARRON Tony Howard III with Abreishae Cashe, both of Tacoma

CURRAN/PETERSON Craig James with Nicole Renee, both of Tacoma

CURRY/SHELUKHINA Stuart William, Rapid City, S.D., with Nataliya Oleksandrivna, Tacoma

DANIELS/DAY Cierra Scarlett with Michael John Jr., both of Tacoma

DAVIS/FOSTER Jennifer Lynn with Robert Lee, both of Gig Harbor

DONAGHEY/WARREN Brandon Lee with Karleigh Raquel, both of Lakewood

DUPREE/FOSTER Megan Rose with Keith Allen James, both of Graham

ESCHENFELDER/VAUGHAN Alex Scott with Christina Janell, both of Tacoma

EWING/ANGOVE Nicole Marie with Bryan Daniel, both of Tacoma

FERNANDEZ/WIDENER Charles Ray with Teresa Ann, both of Spanaway

FIX-OJEDA/GRADY Paola with Aaron Maharaj, both of Lake Forest Park

FLETCHER/SCHMITT Amberly Lynn with Danny Whalen, both of Tacoma

FOSTER/BAKER Aaron Michael with Raina Eileen, both of Tacoma

FOX/STCLAIR Nathan W. with Marlie D., both of Fife

GAGNE/RHYNER Ronald Robert with Anne Cecilia, both of Puyallup

GIBSON/MILLER David Ross with Deborah Lynn, both of Lake Tapps

GIRK/DOLFIN Meriah Michelle with Daniel Drew, both of Tacoma

GREENE/TOMS Christine L., Puyallup, with Isaiah Z., Tacoma

GUIDRY/PETERSON Dakota Raign with Jerry James II, both of Tacoma

GUSTAFSON/BOBBITT Melissa Mae with Braden Keone, both of Orting

HAASE/RAPHAEL Bruce Wayne with Elise Michele, both of Gig Harbor

HAGEY/LUND Kayla Nicole with Quinn William, both of Gig Harbor

HAMBLY/KEATING Jay Barrett, Grapeview, with Janel Bertha, Bonney Lake

HAMLET/ATCHLEY Nicole Desiree with Vanessa Nicole, both of Lakewood

HANMER/GRANIER Michael Wilson with Cori Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

HARRISON/MURRAY Riley Paul with Jasmine Kay, both of Lakebay

HEHN/HOLDENER Bradley Nelson with Breanna Marie, both of Graham

HELLUM/PATEFIELD Nathaniel Christian with Lauren Tyler, both of Puyallup

HOLLIS/SIMON Taylor Jean with Jimmie Benjamin, both of Puyallup

HOST/LAU Tyler James, Redmond, with Jasmine Joy, Bellevue

HUSAIN/RASMUSSEN Silbernagel Ashley Lynn, Buckley, with Richard Wayne, Sumner

HUSBY/HOLZNAGEL Tyler Bradley with Ingrid Michelle, both of Buckley

HUTCHINS/BORDEAUX Kaycie Anne with Timothy James, both of Seattle

INDERBITZIN/PICHA Jacob John, Bonney Lake, with Regen Ieleen, Puyallup

JACKSON/PINEDA Roger Kell, Berkley, Mich., with Lynderle Lim, Auburn

JEFFRIES/HA John Michael with Mi Huong, both of Bonney Lake

JENSEN/ROCK Clare Marie with Buford Sean, both of Tacoma

JOHNSTONE/LONG Jordan W. I. with Nicolle Lee, both of Puyallup

KLEIN/PFARR Juliana Judith with Robert Paul, both of Seattle

KYLES/MILLER Billy Jr. with Charlotte Es, both of Bonney Lake

LARACUENTE/MABINI Jonathan, Tucson, Ariz., with Cynthia Michelle, Lakewood

LEE/YIM Christy S., Glenside, Penn., with Dennis J., San Ramon, Calif.

LEE/PAIK Soo Hyun with Philip Lee, both of Fife

LINDSAY/HANNAH Michael Lee with Holly Helene, both of Spanaway

LINDSEY/GAINEY Ryan J. with Phillip Henry IV, both of Lake Tapps

LINDSEY/VOSS Vanessa Faythe with Paul Michael, both of University Place

LOGAN/WILLS Shayla Catherine with Matthew Floyd, both of Tacoma

LOVE/TUCKER Alexus Mahalia with Demarquis Leweis, both of Tacoma

MACABABBAD/PITTMAN Shayla Ieasha with Dustin Theodore, both of Tacoma

MACEDO/TUMULTY Jose with Alyssa Chanette, both of Tacoma

MARES/MITTELSTAEDT Karen Lynn with Mitchell Loren, both of Spanaway

McCONKEY/BROWN Wendy Ellen, Fircrest, with Darrell Guy Jr., Lakewood

McCOY/STEINKE Brianah Madison with Nicholas James, both of Tacoma

McFARLAND/ALVAREZ David Michael with Connie Lynn, both of Bonney Lake

McGUSHIN/STALLBAUMER Michael William with Leigh Ann, both of Sweden

MERCADO-LUCIER/RAY Samantha Marie with Alexander Morgan, both of Tacoma

MILLER/CAUSEY Contrina Lashawn with Monroe B., both of Olympia

MILLER/KELLY-TOLLEFSON Erick Ryan with Kiana Marie, both of Tacoma

MILLER/MILLER Ethan Edward with Sabrina Lee, both of Tacoma

MOLINA/JOHNSON Joey Vincent Salido with Kimberly Anne, both of Tacoma

NAKAMURA/ARCHER Spencer William Hisaichi with Adrienne Marie, both of Puyallup

NIEMELA/VONWAHLDE Matthew Clark, with Hannah Marie, both of Puyallup

NORINS/FORBES Vilnis Imants with Nancy S., both of Tacoma

O’LEARY/EMERSON Christina Marie with Calvin Lee, both of Tacoma

PACHECO/MACHUCA Vidanos Emilio with Valencia Faviola, both of Tacoma

PAEPER/ARCHULETA Brooke Angelica with Raustin Dean, both of Tacoma

PALFENIER/PRINCE Margaret Anne with Francis Joseph III, both of Tacoma

PALKO/GARCIA Kelsey Danielle with Jiselle Jaylene, both of JBLM

PARKS/HAYES Jasmine Leeanne with Vincent Andrew, both of Tacoma

PATRICK/MELANSON Mira Yvonne Bell with Kael Andre, both of Beaverton, Ore.

PATTISON/DUPEA Justin Edward with Autum Rae, both of Lakewood

PERRY/CARUANA Johnathan Edward with Daniella Lynn, both of Tacoma

PLUMMER/MEZEK Sherry Lynn with Alan Frank, both of Buckley

POTTS/HAVENS Faron Gene with Brenda Ann, both of Milton

PREDESTIN/DESHIELD Rony with Precious J., both of Lakewood

RAUB/MAUREN Veronica Rosina Lenor, Roy, with Kyle Michael, Gig Harbor

REECE/SWISSHELM Trent Joseph with Johnnie Marie, both of Lakewood

RIVERA/CLARK Cordero Richard with Ashley Shovonne, both of Tacoma

ROBERTS/SORRELL Kayla Lynne with Justin Michael, both of Bonney Lake

ROLING/DURAN Trenton David, Tacoma, with Jessica Jean, Arlington

SALVAGE/KEAT Steven Floyd with Sreikompearck, both of Tacoma

SANDERS/JOHNSON-HICKS Andrew Michael with Danika Alecia, both of Lakewood

SCEARCY/HAYS Saige Susan Carol with Jada Deborah, both of Tacoma

SCHWARDER/BARTELL Carol Bernita with Charles H., both of Tacoma

SELLMANN/ROBERTS Alexander Richard with McKenzie Rose, both of Puyallup

SHOOK/COPELAND Justin Lee, Kent, with Tamara Leann, Eatonville

SIEGRIST/BAKER Jeremy Jon with Lynne Marie, both of Minster, Ohio

SIMS/LANE Kelli Marie with Jonathon Tyler, both of Puyallup

SMITH/TAKASE Brandi Shanelle with Michael Yoshihiro, both of Puyallup

SMITH/PAIS Kaylin M. with Adam K., both of Tacoma

SMITH/WRIGHT Linda Marie with David Matthew, both of Graham

SMITH-DIAS/TUCCI Shawna Lou with Joseph George III, both of Denver, Colo.

SPARKS/PITTS Connie Jo with Franklin Van, both of Tacoma

SPENCER/GRUVER Janet Michele Kristeen with Danial Logan, both of Tacoma

STANSELL/DUMENYO Rowena Louise, Tacoma, with Robert Quarshie I., Des Moins

STEPHENS/PUCCETTI Cody James with Erica Michelle, both of Gig Harbor

STINSON/SHAVER Carly Adele with Joshua Adam, both of Tacoma

STIPEK/ALLEN Hannah Te Anau June with Ashten Ray Oehrli, both of University Place

STOCKMAN/SMITH Steve Rock, Lakewood, with Gretchen Justine, Puyallup

STRATTON/KNOD Jerry Allen III with Courtney Jessica, both of Bonney Lake

STUGELMEYER/GREEN Scott Curtis, Tacoma, with Elizabeth Catharine, Federal Way

TALLEY/QUIROZ Nicholas A. with Gabriela, both of Tacoma

TENORIO/BULLOCK Carcamo Mirian Janeth, Tacoma, with Cody Thaine, JBLM

THOMPSON/VAUGHN Kayla Leeann with Colton James, both of Puyallup

TINOCO/ULLOA Esparza Jose with Bolanos Maria De Lourdes, both of Chinook

WAGNER/CLARK Paul Anthony with Jennifer Ann, both of Sumner

WALKER/STANDFORD Tanecha Mae with Jurlani Reimier, both of Tacoma

WEST/KOTALAS Bailey Corwin with Amia, both of Kirkland

WHEELOCK/JOSEPHSON Leeandra Mae with Erik Hill, both of Tacoma

WILLIAMS/JONES Michalle with David, both of Bonney Lake

WOLFE/JANICH Caleb Adam, JBLM, with Julianne, Corona, Calif.

WOODARD/LACKEY Bonnie Marie with Robert Lee, both of Bonney Lake

YEAGER/MONMONIER Benjamin Stephen with Christina Maria, both of Puyallup