Gig Harbor police reports for the week of Sept. 6

Neighbor watches crime, suspects thieves are construction workers

Aug. 27 - When the neighbor noticed two men in a loud truck, removing a trailer from a construction site, she thought it was just the workers, not thieves.

Gig Harbor police were dispatched to a house under construction in the 9200 block of Prentice Avenue early in the morning. The contractor building the house called police because a trailer filled with tools had gone missing overnight.

The contractor told officers someone had tried to steal his trailer before but were unsuccessful. That morning they cut the padlock from the trailer hitch and got away with the tools.

While the officers were investigating the scene a neighbor came from across the street to say she’d seen the thieves. A loud truck pulled up to the site about 5:30 a.m., and two men hooked the trailer to it, she said. The neighbor didn’t call the police because she thought the men were construction workers.

At 7:48 p.m. Washington State Patrol reported finding the stolen trailer on state Route 16.

Minors bake in unlawful cloud of smoke

Sept. 3 - Like a scene out of a classic 1970s comedy, a Gig Harbor police officer was welcomed by a “cloud of smoke” from a parked car.

The officer was patrolling Wagner Way near Adam Tallman Park about 10:25 p.m. when they saw a suspicious car in the parking lot. The officer noted the windows were fogged up.

“I approached the driver’s door and signaled to have the driver roll the window down,” according to the officer’s report. “As soon as the window opened a large cloud of smoke billowed from inside the vehicle.”

The officer reported five “youthful” individuals were in the car and all admitted being under 21.

The driver admitted to smoking marijuana and so did a passenger in the back seat. Both provided bags of pot and pipes. The two were cited for unlawful possession of marijuana and were asked to call a sober driver.

Vehicle prowler(s) still out there, residents told to lock doors

Police are still on the hunt for vandals involved in a string of vehicle prowls in Gig Harbor the last few weeks.

There were 14 reports in the last two weeks of August and six more in the last week. Out of the six new reports, four were from residents whose cars were left unlocked.

Multiple locked cars parked in apartment complexes and nearby retail stores had windows smashed in. Items such as wallets, jewelry, women’s clothes, cash, credit cards, backpacks and vehicle information have been stolen.

No one has been caught on camera or by surveillance.

Anyone with information on the car prowls can call the Police Department at 253-851-2236.