Gig Harbor police reports

From Gig Harbor police reports.

Would-be shoplifter also carrying drugs

Nov. 25 – A man was observed in the children’s shoe area attempting to steal a pair of shoes by hiding them in his leather jacket. He also was observed taking four men’s gift items and a charging cord.

Police were dispatched at 7:10 p.m. to the 4900 block of Point Fosdick Drive Northwest after an employee witnessed the man concealing items in his jacket.

When questioned, the man said he was stealing the shoes for his daughter because he did not have the money to pay for them. He said he took the men’s gifts and charger for himself. The total cost of all items he attempted to steal was $160.99.

A fixed blade knife was found on the man’s right hip, and a small cylinder-shaped container was found in his keychain. Inside the container appeared to be crystal methamphetamine. The man denied the drugs were his until two hypodermic needles were found in his back pocket. He then admitted they were his.

The man was issued a criminal citation for theft third degree and was given a court date.

Bad driving leads to no driving

Nov. 26 – At 10:11 a.m., a women was pulled over after failing to come to a complete stop at a four-way stop.

The woman claimed that she did not have her driver’s license with her as she just passed the driving test and is waiting for the license to come in the mail. She was asked for her paper license, insurance and registration but could not provide any of them.

A record check indicated the woman did not have any valid Washington driver’s license. She was issued two citations. The woman then parked and had to walk home.