Gig Harbor police reports

Compiled from Gig Harbor police reports.

Stolen power

Jan. 1 — A red, 500-watt generator was stolen from a storage unit.

Police were dispatched at 8 a.m. to the 11500 block of Burnham Drive after a man called to report that someone had gained access to his storage unit, stolen the $1,100 generator and changed the lock on the unit.

Officers were reviewing images from surveillance cameras for clues.

She had money to pay but stole anyway

Jan. 1 — A woman was arrested after attempting to steal $297.48 worth of clothes from a store. She stated that she did not know why she shoplifted, as she had money, and offered to pay the store for the clothes so she could keep them.

Police were dispatched at 8:20 p.m. to the 1400 block of 51st Avenue after hearing of the woman’s attempt to steal.

When the woman was searched, an officer found she was wearing a shirt with the tag still on it.

All clothing items were returned to the store, and a court date was issued for the woman.