Gig Harbor police reports

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Compiled from Gig Harbor police reports.

One step ahead

Jan. 24 — Someone broke into a woman’s car and stole a credit card as well as a black garbage bag filled with banking and personal information. Fortunately for the woman, she’d soaked the documents in bleach before putting them in the trash bag, resulting in destroying the ink to prevent identity theft.

Police were dispatched at 4:30 a.m. to the 6100 block of Soundview Drive when the woman reported her vehicle was broken into outside her apartment.

The woman later was informed that three transactions were used on the card, the most expensive being $58.75. The woman froze her account to prevent more transactions from occurring.

The case was forwarded to detectives for further review and investigation.

Every penny counts

Jan. 26 — Someone broke into a car and took an unknown number of coins from the ashtray.

Police were dispatched at 3:00 a.m. to the 3300 block of Shyleen Street when a woman reported her car was broken into. Nothing but the coins were taken from the vehicle.

The woman stated when she first came out of her house, a black item was on her driveway, but she did not think much of it until she discovered her car was broken into.

The item later was missing from the driveway. The woman said she would ask her neighbors if they picked it up.