Gig Harbor police reports

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Compiled from Gig Harbor police reports.

Student hospitalized

Jan. 30 — A student collapsed in the main office of a school after ingesting 150 grams of marijuana.

Police were dispatched at 10 a.m. to the 5100 block of Rosedale Street when the security guard called after witnessing the student collapse on the floor. The student’s backpack was searched. Inside were an edible marijuana product, a small bag with four pills containing a crystal substance and a foil package.

The student was taken to a hospital in Tacoma and was not able to be interviewed because of his level of incapacitation.

Counterfeit bill passed

Jan. 29 — A theater called to report receiving a fake $5 bill with Chinese stamps on it.

Police were dispatched at 8 p.m. to the 4600 block of Point Fosdick Drive Northwest when the manager reported the counterfeit bill. She said it was accepted by a cashier some time the day before.

The manager placed the obviously fake bill in a plastic bag. The person who passed the fake is unknown.