10 years after opening, St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor has plans to grow

St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.
St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. TNT

St. Anthony Hospital reached its 10-year anniversary of providing medical care to Gig Harbor residents on March 17.

The hospital celebrated on March 13 by holding a public event to thank the community for its support and staff for its commitment to providing the best care possible.

“One of the main things St. Anthony brings is a vision,” said Mary Ragsdale, chief operating and nursing officer at St. Anthony. “I know it exists today because of the strong partnership with the community and CHI Franciscan.

“At the very beginning of that relationship, both the community and CHI Franciscan had a real vision for what they wanted to see, which was to be a pillar in the community where patients could go and get exceptional, quality care.”

Ragsdale said one main component the hospital brings is providing jobs for Gig Harbor citizens who have a passion for serving and helping their community thrive.

“We allow those individuals to do what is really core to who they are and to what is important to them, which is to be a part of work within a community they strongly support,” Ragsdale said.

Mayor Kit Kuhn said the hospital has been great for economic development in the Gig Harbor.

“St. Anthony’s is one of the largest employers in the city limits, so it brings revenue for the city,” Kuhn said. “They also bring stability and reassurance to people who want to move here because they feel that if they have an emergency it can be taken care of right away.”

Kuhn said he has had five friends in the past month who have visited St. Anthony’s for medical help. Because the hospital is in Gig Harbor, relatives were able to easily visit. , That kind of family support would not have been possible if the closest hospital was in Tacoma, he said.

“I’ve lived in communities where people moved away because medical help was not nearby. To have a hospital in our town provide security to those who live here or want to move here is very helpful,” Kuhn said.

St. Anthony’s has seen its share of growth, most recently with the opening of the fifth floor in January 2018. The floor added an 32 beds.

A sixth operating room recently was added, and four new surgeons are set to come on line.

Ragsdale said there are new plans on the horizon. One of which is a NASA-styled command center to be named Mission Control. It will be an evidence-based care system providing the hospital with data on patients through lab values and other information.

“We will use real-time data to make decisions on the care, safety and quality we are providing our patients on a day-to-day basis,” Ragsdale said.

Mission Control will be coming to St. Anthony Hospital sometime in the summer or fall of 2019.