Gig Harbor police reports

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Compiled from Gig Harbor police reports.

Sleep and dash

April 23 — A man checked into a hotel but only paid for the partial cost of his stay. The man’s bill was $6,564.01. He paid $1,680 with a credit card.

Police were dispatched at 3:22 p.m. to the 3200 block of 56th Street Northwest when an employee called to report the man had left the hotel without paying for his stay. Staff attempted to call the man multiple times but could not reach him.

An address was obtained, but it was learned that this was not correct.

Gun scare

April 27 — A police officer who pulled over a car saw the driver holding what looked to be a gun. Turned out, it was a pellet gun.

Police were dispatched at 11:01 a.m. to North Harborview Drive/Peacock Hill Avenue when a bicyclist called to say a man in a car had thrown a bottle at him. After the car was pulled over, it was discovered the had a pellet gun.

The officer told the driver to put the gun on the dashboard and to put his hands up and the man obliged.

The driver was patted down, and no other weapons were found.