Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One reports for May 10-16

Car wrecks, a stuck elevator and a malfunctioning furnace kept crews from Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One busy the week of May 10.
Car wrecks, a stuck elevator and a malfunctioning furnace kept crews from Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One busy the week of May 10. Gateway file photo

Compiled from Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One reports, May 10-16

Total reports: 129

Fire: 1

EMS/Rescue: 94

Other: 34

May 11 — Crews were dispatched to St. Anthony Hospital after a worker there got stuck in a malfunctioning elevator.

Firefighters tried to coax the elevator to the ground floor using security keys, but it didn’t work. So they made their way to the third floor, where they got the elevator doors open and freed the worker, who declined medical treatment.

“Crews made another attempt to reset the elevator with no success,” a report shows. “Firefighters advised the facility manager to contact the elevator company to fix the issue.”

May 12 — A car smacked into a utility pole along state Route 16, necessitating a response from medics.

When they arrived, they found the driver still in the car. The driver, who declined medical aid, reported missing a turn and striking the pole.

“Peninsula Light was called to assess the damage to the power pole and Washington State Patrol arrived on the scene to complete the investigation,” reports show.

May 12 — A boat aground took crews to the Colvos Passage area.

“Crews arrived to find a boat about 10 feet from shore stuck in rocks and sand,” a report shows. “The only occupant reported no injuries or complaints.”

Firefighters asked if the boat was taking on water and called the Coast Guard.

The tide was coming in, and eventually the boat “released from the shore,” and the person on board got the vessel started and motored away.

Firefighters later responded to a fuel spill at a dock in Gig Harbor.

“Gig Harbor City Shop crew had access to materials needed to boom off the spill area until the boat could be removed from the water,” the report shows. “The scene was turned over to the U.S. Coast Guard and Gig Harbor Police Department.”

May 13 — A homeowner in the Kopachuck area called for help after smelling something odd in the house.

Firefighters arrived to find an “electrical odor” coming from the furnace room, a report shows.

“Crews checked the breaker panels prior to entering the home and turned off all thermostats to all furnaces,” according to the report.

They found a blower motor with blackening on and around it, used a thermal-imaging camera to check for heat and waited while the homeowner called a furnace-repair company.

May 14 — A car wreck brought crews to Hunt Street Northwest. They arrived to find a car on its wheels but in a ditch and up against a telephone pole. The driver was unable to get out.

“Crews stabilized the vehicle and assisted the patient in exiting the vehicle through the window,” a report shows.

Medics treated the driver on the scene and turned the investigation over to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.