‘Something there for everybody.’ Gig Harbor farmers market kicks off fifth season

Fresh food, baked good, crafts.

The Gig Harbor Waterfront Market is back.

Starting June 6, the Gig Harbor Waterfront Market will be held from 1-7 p.m. every Thursday at Skansie Brother Park. The market, which will be celebrating its fifth season, will be an ongoing event until August 29.

Market manager for Gig Harbor Waterfront Alliance, Heidi Gerling, said the variety at the market means there is something there for everybody.

“All proceeds go directly to the vendors — we support small businesses that well. The proceeds we receive from the vendors themselves go toward the market. It’s not a for-profit market,” Gerling said.

She said the atmosphere gives people the opportunity to come and be with friends and family.

“There is something there for everybody, for so many different ages as well,” Gerling said. “It is not just a market — it is a great community gathering place. You can come and sit down with friends and be by the water and also you have access to healthy, fresh food that is good for yourself and everybody in your family.”

About 1,400 people visited the market a day last year.

Art also will be available to purchase, Gerling said. Things such as quilting and knotting items to art and pottery, although all items created must be made in the state of Washington with the maker of the art there to represent the product.

Gerling said supporting the local market is important, as the money spent there gets circulated back into the city.

“If you look at all the numbers, from investing in your own community and shopping local, it really does make a big difference,” Gerling said. “The amount of money spent when you purchase at a larger grocery store, that money doesn’t come back into the community the way it does when you purchase from local people who spend back into your community. A lot of these people are your neighbors, friends, family — you want to support them.”

All vendors accept EBT/SNAP.

She said it also is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Gerling said there is much less pollution from a hand-picked item brought straight to the farmers market versus a processed vegetable taken to a larger grocery store.

“It’s economically the smart thing to do, nutritiously the best thing to do for your body and is also environmentally preferred,” Gerling said.

For children, there will be activities that revolve around learning what a farmers market is about.

“We will do everything from scavenger hunts, making arts and crafts, learning how to paint and decorate vegetables,” Gerling said. “Everything has to do with things from the market.”

The Waterfront Farmers Market is accessible by car, boat, kayak, bicycle, foot and the PT trolley.