‘It feels good to help the community.’ Minter Creek kids gather food for people in need


It all started with this email: “I am a fifth grade teacher here at Minter Creek Elementary. I have some very delightful students who have spearheaded a project to collect food for a local food bank.”

That teacher is Justin West, who continued, “Our lobby here at Minter Creek is currently full of food goods the students have collected. I think this would be a great story to highlight the good work the children in our community have been doing.”

That’s for sure.

The five students are Sarah Lowe, Jersey Chamberlain, Nehemiah Grandorff, Troy Arnold and Fallyn Coonan. As part of a self-directed project called, “Genius Hour,” they decided to focus on community service.

Specifically, collecting donated goods to help support the Bischoff Food Bank in Home.

While working on this project, the students had to develop a research proposal in support of why they wanted to tackle this project, as well as what they hoped to achieve when they finished their project. They organized a food drive at Minter Creek and were able to collect a large amount of food in just three weeks. The five students then, with the help of parent Gary Chamberlain, transported the food to the food bank where they volunteered for an afternoon.

To Nehemiah, “It feels good to know that I could have helped change someone’s life.”

Jersey felt, “Some people are very fortunate and some are unfortunate. The food bank also gives out cat food and dog food. People volunteer at the food bank so they can help others and they do it for free. It feels good to help the community.”

Classmate Troy said he “felt good that I was actually helping someone who needs help.”

Team member Sarah noted, “People also make cards for the people that come to the food bank that say encouraging things.”

Contributing student Fallyn said, “I am grateful that I was able to help out people in need.”

It’s kids like these who make our world’s future look brighter.