A man and dog in a well and a car into a house kept Gig Harbor fire crews busy May 24-30

Compiled from reports to Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One for the week of May 24-30.

Total reports: 117

Fire: 2

EMS/Rescue: 92

Other: 23

May 25 — Firefighters were dispatched to a call of a child who had fallen into a well. On the way to the scene, they were advised that it was not a child in the well but a man and his dog.

The dog fell in first, breaking through a thin piece of rotten plywood covering the entrance to the well. The man roped himself off and tried to rescue his pooch but was unable to get the dog out.

When firefighters arrived, man and dog were treading water 15-20 feet below.

“Our confined space rescue team cut a hole in the roof of the well house and lowered a ladder,” a report showed.

Firefighters then climbed down and rescued the cold, tired dog. The man was able to climb out on his own.

“Both patient and dog were checked by our medics and did not appear to have any injuries,” the report showed.

May 25 — A Fox Island homeowner called for help after noticing beauty bark smoldering in an area where the person had been using a propane-fed weed burner the day before.

“The firefighters used hand tools and a garden hose to aid in the extinguishment of the fire,” a report showed. “A sprinkler was left in place and active.

“This is a good reminder to be aware of and avoid, if possible, all potential sources of ignition.”

May 28 — Crews were dispatched to a car-into-house call in the Point Evans area.

The driver of the car was outside a friend’s home when the vehicle lurched forward and ran onto the porch of the home.

Firefighters extricated the driver, who appeared to be uninjured.

“Crews stabilized the structure, and the homeowner was advised to seek repair from a building contractor,” a report showed. “The homeowner was not home at the time of the crash.”