Stolen iPhone and hinky credit card purchase highlight this week’s Gig Harbor police reports

No good deed ...

June 2 — A woman borrowed jumper cables from a co-worker to help jump another person’s car. When she got back to her own car after returning the cables, she found her iPhone missing from the passenger seat.

Police were dispatched at 9:26 p.m. to the 5500 block of Olympic Drive when the woman called saying her phone was stolen by the man she helped. The man did not give her his name, and she did not get his plate number.

A surveillance video shows the woman going inside a restaurant to return the cables to her co-worker and the man reaching in her car and taking the iPhone and driving away. She tried tracking her phone using Find My iPhone but was unsuccessful.

Stolen credit card?

May 25 — Police were dispatched at 5:50 p.m. to a store in the 4700 block of Point Fosdick Drive Northwest after two people purchased merchandise with a credit card the store believes to be stolen.

The credit card had no name on it, and the pair entered the card information into the terminal manually to purchase $316 in merchandise.

There is no video footage of the event.