Flames from a fire pit and a roundabout wreck kept Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One crews busy

Compiled from Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One reports, June 7-13

Total reports: 118

Fire: 9

EMS/Rescue: 86

Other: 23

June 7 — A grass fire took crews to the Point Richmond area.

Firefighters arrived to find a tree-service crew extinguishing a fire around and electrical service box. The crew said it cut down a tree onto a service box which caused the fire in a separate box.

“Fire crews investigated the scene and confirmed the fire was out with a thermal imaging camera,” a report showed. “The Peninsula Light crew arrived and secured power to the street and continued to investigate.”

June 7 — A collision in a roundabout left one person injured in Gig Harbor North.

Crews arrived to the drivers of two cars outside their vehicles. One person asked to be medically evaluated and was later taken to an area hospital. The other driver declined treatment.

Gig Harbor police arrived to take over the investigation.

June 13 — Flames from a fire pit ignited a hedge which then sparked a brush fire in the Wollochet Bay area.

“Crews arrived to find an area approximately 30 feet by 70 feet burning,” a report showed.

Firefighters used tools and chainsaws to cut back the hedge and dig up the fire area.

“The homeowner left a sprinkler on the area to prevent any further problem,” the report showed. “Please always be aware of your surroundings and wind conditions when burning.”