This week’s Gig Harbor police reports include vehicle prowlers and a DUI arrest

Compiled from Gig Harbor police reports

Vehicle prowl suspects caught

June 16 — Two men driving a stolen car were caught conducting vehicle prowls, taking items from at least six different cars.

Police were dispatched at 4:13 a.m. to the 7900 block of Greyhawk Avenue for reports of suspicious activity. Officers saw two men walking. When they confronted the men, the officers noticed both appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine.

During a pat down, the officers found three knives, heroin, methamphetamine and a cellular phone which displayed a map showing the location of where the stolen vehicle was found.

Both men were taken into custody and questioned. They admitted to vehicle prowling and showed the officers which cars they stole items from.

No ABC equals DUI

June 8 — After pulling over a vehicle for speeding, an officer detected the smell of alcohol from the vehicle and from the woman driving.

She claimed she was the designated driver and the officer asked if she could take some voluntary tests. The officer asked her to say the ABCs without singing them. The woman replied that she is a kindergarten teacher and could do that. She stopped at “V,” and the officer told her to continue, so she repeated the ABCs and stopped at V again, claiming the officer was making her nervous.

Police pulled the woman over at 1:52 a.m. at the 4100 block of Harborview Drive. After taking the voluntary tests, the woman admitted to having a glass of wine an hour before.

The officer arrested the woman for a DUI.