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Fire at Gig Harbor High School damages football, track equipment

What most likely started as a prank ended up with some serious fire damage to a facility at Gig Harbor High School.

A porta-potty at the track of Gig Harbor High School caught fire — most likely set as a prank — and the fire spread to a nearby athletics storage shed at the track mid-morning on Tuesday, May 22. An investigation is underway.

Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One was dispatched to the scene and quickly put out the fire, but the damage to the contents of the shed was already done.

“Everything inside is probably a total loss,” said Gig Harbor High School athletic director Bob Werner.

Some of the contents were football blocking pads, dummies from football sleds, down-and-distance markers and other various football-related equipment. Also in the shed was some track equipment, including some new hurdles.

“The fire wasn’t too bad inside, so we’ll be able to take an inventory of most of what was lost,” Werner said. “It’s going to take a while.”

Werner said the Peninsula School District has an insurance policy that he assumes will be used in this instance.