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Gig Harbor police blotter: Halloween came early, pajama prowler was up late

Happy Halloween

Oct. 19 – A man and a woman robbed a store wearing a Halloween mask.

Police were dispatched at 8 p.m. to the 5500 block of Olympic Drive, where the couple were seen grabbing a large amount of electronics and running out of the store. The license plate of the suspected vehicle was obtained and the officer called the owner of the vehicle.

A woman answered who said her son had the car. She stated his former girlfriend has been a catalyst for some of his some issues. A store employee identified a photo of the male.

The case was referred to detectives for a follow up.

Pajama prowler

Oct. 19 – An officer saw a woman wearing pajama pants prowling around vehicles. When the officer tried to speak with the woman she ignored him, walking away repeatedly as he attempted to approach her. He told the woman that if she does not listen he will need to put her in handcuffs and grabbed her wrists, resulting in the woman turning around and punching the officer in the face.

Police were dispatched at 4:40 a.m. to Borgen Boulevard, where the woman began to get physical with the police officer. She punched him multiple times before the officer was able to take the woman down to the ground. She attempted to bite his hand so he kept her pinned to the ground until backup arrived.

The woman was booked into jail.