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Police blotter: Lost and stuck in the mud; ex-hubby took the TV

Lost and stuck

Oct. 28 – An elderly man drove through a resident’s yard, stuck a parked vehicle and then got stuck. The man attempted to get his vehicle unstuck from the yard and never made any attempt to provide his contact or insurance information.

Police were dispatched at 8:17 p.m. to the 6400 block of Woodhill Drive where officers arrived in time to see the man pulling his vehicle back onto the road. One headlight was missing and his tires were dirty.

The man told officers that he did not know where he was. He admitted he had several warrants and did not have a driver’s license. He was issued a criminal citation with a court date. There was $500 worth of damage to yard and the parked car.

Short ex-husband, TV

Oct. 31 – A woman saw her ex-husband’s vehicle parked outside of her apartment as she drove by. When she returned, the vehicle was no longer there, but her door was kicked in and her new 42-inch television was gone.

Police were dispatched at 9:50 p.m. to the 6100 block of Soundview Drive. She said she noticed her ex driving on the road and chose to stay a few cars behind him as she did not want to pass him.

The TV was valued at $500. Damage to the door frame was estimated at $100. The woman gave police her ex-husband’s address. Police checked the home but did not see his vehicle and no one answered the door.