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GGHF announces new director for EnviroCorps

The Greater Gig Harbor Foundation has appointed Steve Brennan as development director of EnviroCorps.

Brennan will direct and ensure that the administrative functions for EnviroCorps are operational and fully funded. He will also develop and implement marketing and outreach strategies while coordinating program and volunteer administration.

EnviroCorps is part of the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. It was founded in 2004 by Vernon J. Young. His vision was to provide volunteer and sponsorship opportunities to help ensure that local trails, roadways and other public lands are safe and pleasant places.

EnviroCorps publicly promotes Adopt-A-Road and Sponsor-A-Trail initiatives throughout the greater peninsula communities while advocating awareness, stewardship and protection of natural resources.

Brennan is the author of "Learning Employment Readiness Skills: How to re-enter today’s competitive workforce,” a hands-on guide to assist individuals in achieving meaningful employment.

He has lived in Gig Harbor for 18 years and has cherished all the activities that the area has to offer. Brennan recently retired from the corporate world as a senior sales and marketing executive with more than 30 years of business leadership.

Brennan is now leveraging his interviewing, hiring, coaching and mentoring experience into that of an author, speaker and adjunct college instructor. He has always enjoyed the outdoors and is an avid hiker, bicycle rider, boater and cross-country skier.

“I’ve always been active in community affairs having served as a finance chair for a nonprofit, led campaign efforts for the United Way and volunteered with Special Olympics,” Brennan said in a press release. “However, what piqued my interest to join the GGHF EnviroCorps was the opportunity to inspire individuals and companies to help keep our greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsula area parks, roads and trails pleasant and enjoyable for today’s visitors, residents and generations to come.”