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Pair of Goodman students help inspire, empower student body

Earlier this month, I got a call from a young lady at Goodman Middle School asking if I’d be interested in the school’s project, WE Day. That young lady is Hannah Carrol, an eighth-grader and co-host of the project with classmate Molly Ng.

On entering Goodman’s commons, I saw an overwhelming collection of non-perishable food on the school’s stage. As the commons-turned-auditorium began to fill with enthusiastic students, my hostess, Hannah, explained that it is all for local food banks.

Goodman Principal D.J. Sigurdson explained to me that “as a first-year principal at Goodman Middle School, I continue to be impressed with the leadership of our teachers and the work ethic of our students. Hannah and Molly did such a fantastic job with our We Day Assembly. The process began during our first trimester and they carried it through to the final product you see here. There have been so many examples of empowering students throughout this school year, this is one of the best things we do.”

I learned from my hostesses that WE Day is about a movement of change and inspiring youth to change the world. It was created by two brothers named Marc and Kreig Keileburger.

“Students earn their ticket to WE day by community service,” Carrol said. “Our school earned 23 tickets and Molly and I were inspired to change our school and let all students experience it.”

The event featured guest speakers from the Gig Harbor community talking about bullying, diversity, bad attitudes and stress management. The school also featured a food drive connected to it.

“All homerooms brought in at least 10 food items in order to attend,” Carrol said.

“The assembly was not only inspirational and educational but fun,” said eighth-grader Maddie Werner. “I think it’s great that these two lovely ladies shared the WE day experience with everyone.”

To classmate Anne Milner, “That assembly was one of my favorite assemblies I’ve ever been to. It was so inspiring! I walked out feeling like I wanted to change the world. I think it made everyone think about their life in a new way.”

“I really enjoyed the assembly,” said eighth-grader Jenna Coray. “It inspired me to strive to be a better person. Hannah and Molly did a great job. I truly think it will have a positive effect on our community, if not our school.”

Vice Principal Dawn Musgrove declared, “We are very proud to have accompanied Goodman students two years now to the WE day celebration. Our students earn their tickets to participate through service leadership in our school, community and world. Words cannot describe the feelings of being in the presence of thousands of students who work daily to make the world a better place.”

“Based on the belief that young people can create change,” said WE Day advisor Debra Kaiser, “Hannah and Molly created the very first WE day event here at Goodman Middle School. Recognizing that children in our community need food over the summer, they set out to create a community service drive, ‘Let’s sack summer hunger.’ They gave countless hours conceptualizing and organizing the event, working on it all year, devoting time before school, during lunch break and after school. Simply stated, Hannah and Molly are extraordinary young ladies who could change the world.”

I’ll second that! I wonder if these ladies ought not visit the “other Washington” to help the folk there learn about cooperative ways to make good things happen.