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Early election returns in for Peninsula School Board, County Charter Review

The first wave of election results arrived Tuesday night. The August primary election narrows the field down to two candidates for the November general election. The primary results will be finalized at noon on Aug. 18. These results are up to date as of 3:20 p.m. Aug. 7.

Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula races included two school board seats and three charter review commission seats.

Two school board races were on the August ballot. Each race had three candidates.

Peninsula School Board District 1

Marcia Harris: 4,318 votes, 44.55 percent.

Matt Wilkinson: 4,165 votes, 42.97 percent.

Audra Garcia: 1,185 votes, 12.23 percent.

Peninsula School Board District 4

Leslie Harbaugh: 4,049 votes, 41.32 percent.

Garth Jackson: 3,144 votes, 32.09 percent.

Zachary Smith: 2,572 votes, 26.25 percent.

The Charter Review Commission had a large field of candidates competing for three positions. The top two vote-getters will advance to the November election. For District 7, which covers The Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas as well as west Tacoma and part of north Tacoma, had 21 candidates overall for the three positions.

Charter Review Commission pos. 1

Martha Lantz: 7,379 votes, 42.26 percent.

Randy Boss: 2,752 votes, 15.76 percent.

Richard Samuelson: 2,046 votes, 11.72 percent

Brian O’Neill: 1,800 votes, 10.31 percent.

Steve Victor: 1,405 votes, 8.05 percent.

R. Randall (Randy) Harrison: 922 votes, 5.28 percent.

Richard Wooster: 607 votes, 3.48 percent.

Will Baker: 452 votes, 2.59 percent.

Charter Review Commission pos. 2

Brenda Wiest: 4,122 votes, 24.07 percent.

David Olson: 4,080 votes, 23.82 percent.

Justin Camarata: 2,506 votes, 14.63 perecnt.

Martin (Marty) McClendon: 2,275 votes, 13.28 percent.

Andy Leneweaver: 1,658 votes, 9.68 percent.

Michael Jankanish: 1,471 votes, 8.59 percent.

Ron Lopp: 724 votes, 4.23 percent.

Hans Kueck: 243 votes, 1.42 percent.

Charter Review Commission pos. 3

Katherine (Katie) Baird: 7,685 votes, 44.84 percent.

Beckie Krantz: 4,310 votes, 25.15 percent.

Todd Iverson: 3,054 votes, 17.82 percent.

Bruce Cook: 1,470 votes, 8.58 percent.

Rodger Deskins: 566 votes, 3.3 percent