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Jimmy John’s sandwich shop opens in Gig Harbor

Angie Daniels is the owner of the new Gig Harbor Jimmy John’s restaurant on Point Fosdick Drive.
Angie Daniels is the owner of the new Gig Harbor Jimmy John’s restaurant on Point Fosdick Drive.

Freaky fast sandwich delivery has arrived in Gig Harbor.

Jimmy John’s recently opened on Point Fosdick Drive NW, the first JJ’s in the harbor. It’s co-owned by Bremerton resident and 2001 Peninsula High School graduate Angie Daniels and Kirkland resident Mary Jo Smallman. They already own a Jimmy John’s in Bremerton, making the Gig Harbor location the pair’s second.

“We’re just looking to expand our business,” Daniels said. “We thought Gig Harbor would be a great location to bring the brand to.”

The franchise is widely known for its “freaky fast” delivery times. At this point, to ensure delivery remains fast, the delivery radius is about five minutes in each direction, making it somewhat small.

“Our goal is to get all deliveries out the door in less than four minutes,” Daniels said.

Combined with a five-minute limit on the delivery radius, those in the area can expect sandwich orders to arrive in about 10 minutes. Fast, indeed.

The Gig Harbor Jimmy John’s employs 32 people right now — five full-time and the rest part-time. Giving local high school students an opportunity to work is important to Daniels and Smallman.

“It’s really important to us to be able to offer part-time jobs to high school students,” Daniels said. “It’s a fun first job where they can learn customer service, interacting with public and a skill set.”

Daniels said the community response has been positive so far.

“For the most part, everyone has been super welcoming,” Daniels said. “My staff is great. We’ve hired a lot of kids from local high schools, who in turn have brought in their friends and family.”

Jimmy John’s is also aiming to be a valued part of the community. The Gig Harbor location is one of the sponsors for the Peninsula High boys basketball team and will continue to look for other opportunities to support the community.

“The schools have been great,” Daniels said. “We’re just here to do our best, and we just enjoy being in Gig Harbor.”