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Gig Harbor Little League victim of thieves, vandals

The Gig Harbor Little League was the victim of a break-in and robbery earlier this month.

Sometime between Dec. 5 and 6 the chain-link fence surrounding the fields off Burnham Dr. NW was cut and a bolt cutter was used on the lock securing the storage container that housed the league’s equipment, according to Gig Harbor Police Department Lt. Fred Douglas.

The equipment stolen from the storage container included about 30 uniforms and 70 bats and balls.

Ronald Brentin, director of operations and facilities for the league, discovered the break while he was performing on-site maintenance.

“The people who broke into our container were obviously looking for something to sell,” Brentin said. “We get hit quite a bit up there (at the fields).”

He also discovered recent vandalism that occurred sometime around Dec. 14 or 15 that involved several signs being torn down.

Brentin hopes that the crime rates decrease once the nearby housing developments are complete and more people are living closer to the fields. He has been with the organization for about 20 years, since his son was a player, and has been taking care of the fields for years.

“I got on the board and never left,” he said with a laugh.

Brentin has some security plans of his own for the fields and equipment shed.

He said that the fields normally have nightlights, but because of the nearby construction there hasn’t been any power to the fields since Sept. 23. The power is set to be restored to the field sometime in the few weeks, which will allow the nightlights to be operational again.

And Brentin has some specific plans to secure the shipping container the league uses to store their equipment to prevent any further break-ins. The next step for him is an inventory of the equipment to provide an estimate of what exactly was stolen.

The league has crime insurance that will recover the cost to replace the stolen equipment, he said.

There are no suspects for the break-in at this time, Douglas said.

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