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Discussions for new city art move forward with the Puyallup Tribe

A collaborative project between a Gig Harbor citizens group and the Puyallup Tribe to place an art piece in Austin Estuary Park was approved to move forward in discussions by the Gig Harbor City Council at Monday night’s meeting.

The art piece has been proposed as an Honor Salmon Welcome Arch in the park to recognize the importance and reliance on salmon by native tribes and the historic Gig Harbor fishing fleet, said Katrina Knutson, parks project administrator for Gig Harbor.

The project has been approved by the Arts Commission and Parks Commission, and has been moved before the City Council for approval before further discussions about the art piece can take place with the Puyallup Tribe. The citizen group has been in contact with the Puyallup Tribe to design and create the project with the work of both local and traditional tribal carvers.

The project would be funded with money donated for the project and the cost to the city would be a wetland variance fee.

Discussions with the tribe about the design of the arch will move forward, with the final design approval brought before the arts commission before construction and installation.

The arch will be modeled after a similar art piece in Friday Harbor and will be approximately 10 feet tall and made out of cedar.

Jerkovich Pier repair

An amendment to the consultant contract to allow for repairs to the Jerkovich Pier at Ancich Waterfront Park was approved by the Council after a presentation by Emily Appleton, senior engineer for the city.

The pier needs repairs and has deteriorated faster than anticipated, Appleton said.

“This work is necessary to benefit the pier and will benefit future aspects of the project,” she said. “This is more of an emergency repair for the deck.”

An amendment was approved to the existing contract with PND Engineers not to exceed the amount of $59,194.

Lighthouse transfer administration costs

Ownership of the lighthouse at the head of Gig Harbor was transferred from the federal government to the city of Gig Harbor on December 18, 2014, but an unexpected expense for administrative fees associated with the transfer arrived in April, City Administrator Ron Williams said.

The administrative fees are owed to the United States Department of Interior in the amount of $15,680.

The Council approved the amount be paid to the U.S. Department of Interior from the city’s Administration Department Budget.

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