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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 27

Take some criticisms with a grain of salt

I wish to applaud the recent letter from Susie Sutton, for exposing the many inaccuracies and false statements that Ms. (Jeni) Woock continues to use, to scare our community. I for one, am really tired of this nonsense, and I think it behooves all of us to get our information correct and truthful, before launching into criticisms of proposed changes in our beautiful community.

Bottom line: best to take anything this lady says with a large grain of salt, as the old saying goes.

Jim Castino, Gig Harbor

Illegally obtained emails violate privacy of author

Why does the press reward and encourage illegal acts? Television stations stopped showing the nude streakers at sporting events, so why does the press publish the content of hacked emails?

Emails illegally obtained violate the privacy of the author; they should be respected and not published by news agencies only looking for ratings.

Whether the email was from a former Secretary of State, an Olympic gymnast or a presidential candidate, it was not meant to be public, so why support the illegal email hacking by giving them an audience? Should it be necessary to create a local or federal law to stop the publishing of these hacked emails?

Howard M. Svigals, Gig Harbor

Some thoughts on the One Harbor Point project

I am a longtime resident of Gig Harbor and past member of the City Council. As such, I was directly involved in the approval of our Civic Center, the Uptown Shopping Complex, the Multicare Medical Park, St. Anthony Hospital, construction of Borgan Boulevard including its businesses, and purchase of several parks (Wilkinson, Skansie, Donkey Creek, Eddon Boat). Many of these projects (including the construction of a new Narrows Bridge) had considerable opposition; yet today virtually the entire population of the area is realizing the benefits of these improvements.

Today, what is known as the Haub property has been tentatively sold. Some citizens are displaying unfettered emotion opposing the sale and any development of this property. Irrespective of this, history shows the property will in fact be sold and developed.

I have studied the One Harbor Point concept suggested by the Cheney Foundation, and although there may be some specifics that need further discussion, the foundation’s overall concept provides a much better alternative for development of the land when compared to any other development possibilities. It provides for construction of high-end apartments together with a wonderful gift of waterfront land to the community. It should seriously be studied by every citizen.

Frank Ruffo, Gig Harbor