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Cheers and Jeers, Nov. 3

Cheers to all the Millville residents that spend many hundreds of dollars on candy every year and decorate our homes for the kids of Gig Harbor. The Downtown Waterfront Alliance seems to exempt us. Plus, we don’t get a tax write off. We do it because we love it.

Cheers to the greater Gig Harbor community for coming out to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday with your trick-or-treaters. Thank you for supporting the Gig Harbor Farmer’s Market.

Jeers to the inconsiderate driver of a white Lexus who parked at the Cutters Point Coffee Shop corner leaving the rear of the car sticking halfway into the traffic lane. If you can’t pull completely into the slot, park somewhere else. If you had been hit, of course it wouldn’t have been your fault (or would it??). Think about it next time. I hope you enjoyed your coffee.

Jeers to those who remove campaign signs they don’t agree with. Stealing signs violates First Amendment (free speech) rights as well as property rights (theft). Conservative candidates are at a disadvantage when up against people without integrity or an understanding of the law. It explains why voters are rejecting these tactics.

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