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Letters to the Editor, June 8

Espresso cafe customers sad to see business leave

My brother-in-law started going to Kimball Espresso Cafe (known for years as Kimball Gallery) when it opened in 1991. Several years later my husband joined him and because it was a daily occurrence my sister and I referred to the cafe as “The Office.” Other men joined them sitting in the comfy chairs where friends were made and conversation flowed.

The Gig Harbor Photo Club, bridge, church, exercise, and French groups and many others are always warmly welcome at this wonderful espresso cafe. Beautiful photos by the Gig Harbor Photo Club and artwork by the Peninsula Art League are on display.

Best of all are Fran and her friendly baristas who greet you by name and remember your drink orders. Now Fran and Steve are being forced out to be replaced by a sterile chain coffee shop. A petition was signed by 300-plus customers to keep Kimball in its present location, which was ignored by the property owner.

We can only hope that Fran is successful in finding another location but wherever she goes her many loyal customers will follow her. Best of luck to Fran, Steve, Maddy, Emily, Chloe, Alexis, Nathan and Justine.

Beth Pedersen, Gig Harbor

There’s no place for victim shaming in Gig Harbor

The responses to the Mike Kelly article seen in the June 1 Gateway are shameful and serve to highlight the reason why so many people are afraid to step forward about harassment. Despite Kelly being found guilty of making inappropriate comments and violating district policy, people are still there to jump in and say that it couldn’t have happened because it never happened to them or their kids, and to slander the victim, as if their personal opinions are more important than the findings of the district.

Instead of stepping in to commend the bravery of somebody who spoke out against a well-liked person in order to make a positive change in their school and to prevent others from ending up in the same uncomfortable situation, people are there to deny the district’s findings, and even to claim that the victim is trying to destroy Kelly. I hope everybody who thinks this way is able to step back and see how shameful and silencing that sort of behavior is, and why there should be no space for it in a community like Gig Harbor.

Emma Gregory, Gig Harbor