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Letters to the Editor, June 15

Candidate made himself out to be something he isn’t

The damming tweets by former Port Commissioner candidate Jim Jensen shows that those that are wealthy like Jensen and Trump think they can say, do and act however they want. And since Jensen’s wife’s tweets were connected to the account that posted the damming tweets we all know the Twitter account is real and Jensen’s. Jensen made himself out to be a family guy, a dad, a businessman and part of the community. We now know he is a rich guy that truly does not care about anything except a good time and his money. Voters need to wake up and realize that they have nothing in common with people like Jensen and Trump who are wealthy and would love to have an oligarchy to play with like the rest of their toys. I am sure Jensen will be fine up at the country club and will heal up in Palm Springs.

Gloria Richter, Fox Island

Development agreements bypass every rule in the book

Development agreements was a tool created to help property owners and local government decrease the risks and costs associated with large scale projects over a period of time. This was good for both sides given the high cost of large projects and the unknown impact of future events.

The code that was written into the Washington state law to allow Development Agreements was vague on exactly how they were to be implemented into the current laws. This oversight was soon discovered as a way to bypass restrictive development regulations. This is bad.

The code that exists in the Gig Harbor ordinances allows city leaders to enter into development agreements that bypass every rule in the book. Development regulations concerning zoning, height restrictions, etc., are restrictive for a reason. What city leaders do not realize is, once one developer is allowed to bypass local development regulations using a development agreement, they cannot refuse the next developer if he has completed the same steps as the first. A “vision” is hard thing to prove in a court of law. This is the ugly truth.

David Barker, Gig Harbor

Balliett will advocate in the best interest of children

I know Noelle Balliett as a fellow parent at Harbor Heights Elementary. I have worked with Noelle in different volunteer activities and have found her to be smart, genuine and devoted. When I heard she was running for the Peninsula School Board, I immediately offered my assistance and support, as I think she’d make a terrific board member. I know Noelle will advocate in the very best interest of our children and schools throughout the district.

Good luck, Noelle!

Nikki Langeford, Gig Harbor