Gateway: Opinion

Letters to the Editor, June 29

Some value forests over rooftops

As a lifelong resident of Gig Harbor, I was very offended by Mr. Zimmerman’s characterization of Gig Harbor’s townspeople (Gateway, June 22) and their quest to protect the character and natural beauty of our town. There are some of us that value forests over asphalt rooftops and know that the mouth of our Harbor is uniquely perfect. The One Harbor Point development is a turning point in Gig Harbor because it is a development that looks like it belongs in Kirkland — not Gig Harbor. Waiting behind the Cheney development is the Milgard/Olympic Property Group folks who are planning to build 120 apartment units in the Peninsula Shopping Center. We have always kept these types of housing developments out of the Gig Harbor basin because we have preferred single-family homes that preserve our hometown character. I think that has been a very good decision and one of the big reasons people want to live here — because we are not Kirkland. The mouth of our Harbor is a natural wonder. We should protect it from the real estate entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on it.

Karen Bujacich McDonell, Gig Harbor

Granting agreements will collapse local infrastructure

“How will we know it’s us without our past?” — John Steinbeck

My wife and I attended the recent salmon dinner hosted by the Gig Harbor Heritage/fishing families. We gained a renewed awareness as to why it is so important to preserve this cultural heritage.

In the June 15 issue of the Gateway, David Barker describes why it is important to slow/stop the granting of development agreements. The current system is severely flawed. Relentless development has resulted in collapse of the local infrastructure, particularly our schools and roadways. Granting these agreements will very likely result in a cascade of other applications expecting similar status.

Please consider this in the upcoming election. The local government has supported unrestrained development. Mayoral candidate Kit Kuhn supports intelligently managed growth that will preserve the rich heritage we all enjoy!

Dennis Scholl, Gig Harbor