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Cheers and Jeers, Aug. 17

Jeers to the kids who produced a massive wake during a failed attempt to waterski in the no-wake zone in Ray Nash Bay. You kids should be responsible and ski outside the bay. They are plenty of other open calm waters out there.

Jeers to the folks that continue to treat red lights as optional. Saw a new record today at my favorite intersection (Pt. Fosdick and Olympic); had six cars make a left-hand turn from westbound Olympic to southbound Pt. Fosdick on a red light!

Cheers to our wonderful Kimball Espresso Café staff members who will be leaving us in September. It breaks my heart. Hope Espresso can open another shop soon!

Cheers to Jeers to the Gig Harbor Trolley that only takes boaters, shoppers and store employees to the top of Peacock Hill and Borgen but not to Target/Albertsons roundabout! No one wants to spend an hour transferring to Kimble Dr. just to get from downtown to shopping on Borgen. Isn’t the goal less traffic in that area?

Cheers to the kind jogger who heard my young grandson’s cries while she was jogging on Kimball. His foot activated the window switch which jammed and sandwiched his torso as he leaned out to view the heavy machine operation next to my parked car. She helped pull on the window enough to safely lift him out. Thank you!

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