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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 17

Trump’s actions appear to be whims

Herbert Hoover was president when I was born. I started paying attention to politics in 1940, so have followed the actions of a lot of presidents.

Until Donald Trump, I had never seen a president set about to undo the acts of as many previous presidents, Republican and Democrat, as he could; going back at least to Teddy Roosevelt and protection of public lands, Nixon with clean water and air, Truman and an integrated military (although incomplete), plus every action ever taken by Obama.

Many Trump actions appear to be whims, without thought or contemplation as to the impact right now or in the future. Is he not capable of thinking things through to reach logical well-reasoned decisions?

George Robison, Gig Harbor

Noelle Balliett the right choice for Peninsula School Board

We are writing to express our support for Noelle Balliett, who is running to serve on the Peninsula School District Board of Directors.

Noelle and her family live next to us off Reid Drive in Gig Harbor, where we have been for more than 50 years, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as neighbors.

Not only is Noelle a wonderful mother, but she is smart, considerate and dedicated, especially when it comes to her work helping veterans.

The two of us were thrilled when we learned that Noelle was running for the school board. We know that she’ll work hard to fix problems facing our schools in a measured way while welcoming and considering input from the community at large.

We hope that your readers will please consider voting for Noelle this coming November.

John and Patricia Platt, Gig Harbor

We all need to do our part to prevent racism

Everybody that lives in this very calm and historical place with new neighborhoods sprouting all over should take a very careful look at the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is a college town.

Now it has turned quickly into a town of right and wrong. People have died for their cause and/or have been seriously attacked and injured (protesting in a peaceful manner against racism). Unfortunately, numerous people that are racist only to tell their story by being violent, ganging up on the peaceful protesters or ramming them with a car. Appreciation is my constant mindset for being here in Gig Harbor. But don’t fool yourself, there is racism here like everywhere. Every day I hope parents throughout Gig Harbor are teaching their youth against racism. With a bigger population in Gig Harbor may come more issues with race. Educate, correct and being a role model should be at the front lines. I would hope that as a Gig Harbor community we would all do our part to prevent racism.

Steve McConnell, Gig Harbor