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Cheers and Jeers, Aug. 24

Jeers to the thought that property rights include allowing storm water runoff from rooftops and pavement to run into Puget Sound without filtering through a runoff retention pond. Every building and zoning code impinges on property rights, so should they all be waived for everyone?

Cheers to the young man who is always holding the large sign to attract you to shop at the Local Boys in Purdy. He has been there so many days in the hot summer, balancing on a log while holding and moving the sign and making eye contact as you drive by. He always looks pleasant and is such a good employee. The owners of the Local Boys should be proud to have such a good representative. Kudos to him and his diligent work ethic..

Jeers to the local group which unwittingly (in its protests) gives support for left hate groups and hate for the president. We, the people of Gig Harbor say, “Don’t hate, tolerate. Give America a chance!”