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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 24

Don’t let partisan forces influence PSD board race

Voters should know what’s going on in local races, and one race for Peninsula School Board is not what it seems. While officially non-partisan, board president Rand Wilhelmsen and vice president Leslie Harbaugh have turned things into a political circus and want to oust a hard-working, moderate fellow board member in favor of their hand-picked replacement, Noelle Balliett.

I’ve met and talked with Balliett; she seems nice. As a veteran, I admire her work on PTSD. What she doesn’t want people to know about, though, is her affiliation with the far-left group Indivisible. This group’s stated mission of opposing President Trump’s craziness is admirable, but their practice of targeting any elected official whose views are not liberal enough for them stifles much-needed diversity and creativity in our political system.

We shouldn’t let partisan forces insert controversial national issues into the discussion when our kids’ education is at stake. What does resisting Trump have to do with a local, non-partisan race, anyway? And do we really want to pack our school board with people who all think the same? Noelle Balliett is the wrong choice for Peninsula School Board.

Zach Smith, Gig Harbor

Americans are exhausted with Trump

Now we know how Trump wants to make America great again. While millions and millions of Americans wring their hands and gasp at the President of the United States of America not only enabling white supremacists, members of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-fascists, but also surrounding himself with Alt-right leaders in the White House.

We shouldn’t be surprised. This is the man who announced his campaign by describing Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers. No surprise then. As Maya Angelou so aptly said, “When people tell you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Now seven months into his Presidency many Americans are exhausted. His constant lying, bullying, vulgarity, self-aggrandizement, towering ego and reckless statements leave most Americans cringing and upset. General Kelly is not going to fix him. It seems to me that a person lacking integrity like Trump is not going to be fixed. He is a very flawed man with a loathsome character and a deficient moral code. Trump is clueless about foreign relations and possesses an inadequate knowledge of history and government, leaving him incapable of success. Some people can pull it off, but they need to be able to take advantage of competent advisors. Trump did not drain the swamp; too many of his advisors are not wanting to change his direction and Trump doesn’t listen to those who might help.

How can America survive 3 ½ more years of his ineptitude? Can the United States weather the policies laying waste to our regulations of the financial industry, an education czar radically changing education, health care that is really a tax gift to the extremely wealthy, weakening most environmental protections, razing any semblance of civil rights, and reducing immigration. To strengthen America’s survival, Congressional Republicans need to stand up and voice their displeasure with Trump’s rhetoric and policies that don’t serve their constituents. The media and the left leaning protestors should probably stay home when there is another Neo-Nazi KKK rally.

Most disturbing is Trump’s stance on the fascist and racist leanings of his supporters, not just because what happened in Charlottesville and Trump’s interpretation of that event, but also his statements and behavior towards Jews, Mexicans, African Americans, LGBTQ citizens and Muslims. Throughout his campaign and during his time in the White House, Trump has disparaged these people. While at the same time, Trump gives the signal that he is encouraging more protests from the Alt-right and the KKK. They have been empowered by their President.

Ann Fessler, Gig Harbor