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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 9

Please leash your dog

I have been walking the same hill since 1995. I have had many dogs through that time frame. I have been tripped and knocked down a few times by my own dogs. I accept that possible hazard and walk on.

About six weeks ago I was walking four of my dogs. Out of nowhere a loose dog came running in from on of the driveways right off the main road. My two big dogs lunged for the dog running at us and I got drug to the ground. I had the gravel take the skin of my chin, my wrist, the back of my hand, my palm and it almost tore all the skin off my little finger.

My dogs are on a leash and under my control until a loose animal comes charging at them. Bad intentions or not.

So two weeks later I am walking and a fairly new home owner to the neighborhood has three dogs loose. So here I come with three dogs and the loose three come charging at me and my animals. I start screaming and two turned back. If a car had been coming they would have surely gotten hit.

Leash your dogs!

Tina Gano, Gig Harbor

Council rightfully puts Constitution before personal beliefs

Thank you to the Gig Harbor City Council for making the correct decision and putting the Constitution before their own personal religious beliefs. The Nativity scene should not be displayed on government land. The park is a public park and belongs to all, not just people of a particular religious view. It is an arm of the government and must remain neutral, as our First Amendment directs.

Let private landowners display the Nativity scene at Christmas, that is their right. In fact, a private landowner has stepped forward to do so. Some people say that certain Christian beliefs are a part of Gig Harbor heritage. The Constitution is part of our heritage, too. And I am forever grateful for that inheritance.

Pat Cleghorn, Gig Harbor

Council should not bow to appease atheist group

I strongly disagree with the Gig Harbor City Counsel decision to not allow the Nativity scene to be placed next to the Christmas tree in Skansie Brothers Park. I do not think the Gig Harbor City Council is accurately representing the majority of people who live in Gig Harbor and who respect Christmas traditions. Instead, they are bowing to and appeasing an agnostic, atheist group from Wisconsin in an embarrassing attempt to be “politically correct”. Merry Christmas!

Fred Whitfield, Gig Harbor

Useful ways to reuse campaign signs

Now that Election Day has passed it is time to rid the Gig Harbor streets of campaign signs and reuse them. I’ve been doing a little research on Pinterest and elsewhere and here are some ideas:

▪ Spray or paint signs with chalkboard paint and turn them into signs for garage sales, lemonade stands, etc. Consider using permanent paint that doesn't run in the rain.

▪ For birthday signs for your kids. Plant around the yard for a fun surprise.

▪ Put them under kitchen and bathroom sinks to catch drips. Or on garage floor under cars that drip.

▪ Make birdhouses with them. Pinterest has a great board for DIY birdhouses. Several of us are giving our signs to organizations that will work with kids to help them make birdhouses.

▪ Make trash bins. I have a friend who is a skilled carpenter and makes great trash bins out of them. The larger signs can be turned into bins for yard tools.

These are just a few ideas; I’m sure you can think of more so that we can reuse the hundreds of signs generated this campaign season instead of sending them off to a landfill.

Thank you.

Jill Guernsey, Gig Harbor