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Cheers and Jeers, Dec. 21

Cheers to KGHP for broadcasting the GH and Peninsula girls basketball games! Great games broadcast on a great radio station!

Jeers to some of the people who live in the gated community across Warren Dr. NW from our ungated community. You purposely walk your dogs out of your gated community so that they can defecate in our neighborhood! How rude! The least you could do is carry a doggie bag and clean up the mess left by your dogs.

Cheers to the Boatyard and downtown businesses for sponsoring the well-prepared Nativity scenes near Skansie Park. They even provided refreshments. The presentation clearly demonstrated to the community what the joyous Christmas season is all about.

Jeers to the fact there is no crosswalk and maybe sidewalks at Artondale Elementary. I don’t have kids, but maybe parents would be able to walk their kids to school instead of the massive amount of cars that have to go there. Such a shame.

Jeers to the coward who keyed my Jeep in the Costco parking lot on Dec. 17, targeting my NRA badge. Grow up and face those with whom you disagree, man to man, and keep your keys in your pocket.

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