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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 11

Many thanks from Gig Harbor FISH

How do you begin to tell a miraculous story that happened in Gig Harbor in December?

Did you know that the residents of Gig Harbor donated bags and bags of new toys so that 301 local children received gifts under their Christmas tree? So many were donated that we were able to share with other Gig Harbor agencies who needed gifts. Wonderful gifts, new, exciting and tearfully received.

The food bank received food from Schools, churches, businesses, local groups and individuals that made it possible to give out 206 Christmas baskets full of ham or turkey, dairy items, baked goods, canned goods and fresh fruit. Every day, caring donors came in with bags of food and gifts so that their neighbors would have a Merry Christmas too. Any family or individual in need of food was helped.

A total of 491 families with 1,321 members were fed in December all because local people took time to shop and deliver food to the food bank for them.

Christmas decorations were donated and were received by families who were delighted with the chance to add new decorations to their trees. One lady said she found a star just like the one her mother had on the tree when she was a child, it made her Christmas!

Clothing and household goods came in and went out just as fast. Warm coats, sweaters, blankets all helped keep your neighbor warm.

Peninsula Auto group donated our first vehicle, a beautiful new Ford Transit with FISH logos, ready to pick up donations, purchases for the food bank and transport people who need a ride. How wonderful.

The Volunteers at Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH want you all to know that you all have been responsible for making all this help available to your neighbors. The expressions of thanks, the tears and hugs we receive belong to you too.

Thank you one and all. And a Happy New Year to you.

Jan Coen, Gig Harbor

Be cognizant of the right of way

As I daily walk Gig Harbor’s un-sidewalked roads and streets, I’m reminded of the old Boy Scout and 4-H safety rule: “Walk on the left facing traffic; bike on the right with traffic.”

Perhaps this rule is not part of our schools’ health and safety curricula, and perhaps periodic explanatory reminders are warranted?

Frank Knight, Gig Harbor