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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 10

Mental health dilemma

Frustration, discouragement, incredulity were all emotions I felt after reading the well-composed commentary by Gig Harbor Police Chief Kelly Busey in the September 26 Gateway.

Thanks, Chief Busey, for pointing out this situation, and I hope your letter receives wide readership. Even more, I hope it is read by people with the authority to revise these inadequate regulations and make positive differences in the lives of individuals struggling with mental health issues.

It’s sad to see that those who need help can’t obtain it until their lives have spiraled so far downhill that the help may come too late. They deserve better from a civilized society.

Paul Spadoni

Gig Harbor

My picks for council

When I read about the vacancies on the Gig Harbor City Council, my questions were not about how a potential council member would vote on a particular issue. My questions were, instead, about how would a council member best represent the people of our community. Representative governing means listening to all sides of an issue and making decisions which take into account often-competing viewpoints.

The two people who I feel will carefully listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision are Robyn Denson for Council Position 5 and Le Rodenberg for Council Position 6.

I contacted both of these candidates to ask about their approach to governance, and they both impressed me their leadership experience, deep community engagement and balanced approach to such potentially divisive issues as future development and infrastructure.

I believe that Robyn Denson and Le Rodenberg will be very effective Council members. Their records speak for themselves; let’s let them speak for us.

Sarah Newmark

Gig Harbor

Hands off signs

Gig Harbor is having a problem with campaign signs, especially permitted signs, being removed and defaced. People do not seem to be aware that removing or defacing campaign signs is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

I am working on a local city council campaign and I can’t tell you how frustrating this is. We get permits, we are very careful to check the city’s maps on exactly where permitted signs are allowed and within, sometimes hours, the signs are gone.

Now we are also facing signs being defaced with spray paint. This is happening to other candidate’s signs who are running for school board. It’s clear that either people aren’t aware that’s it’s illegal to remove or tamper with campaign signs or they know it and they just don’t care.

Melinda Mazoue

Gig Harbor