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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 17, 2019

A chance to re-boot

Local elections, such as the Gig Harbor City Council, are important in that they give citizens a chance to re-balance and re-prioritize. Two years ago that happened in Gig Harbor with mixed results. This election we need to add experience, maturity, and much needed collegiality into the mix.

Robyn Denson is a candidate who can do that. She is a strong voice for balance both in the preservation of our maritime character and in supporting economic growth. She recognizes that growth within the city is inevitable but that we must respond to it in a thoughtful and responsible way.

We fully support Robyn Denson for Gig Harbor City Council.

Paul and Jan Kadzik

Gig Harbor

Solid track record

I’d like to add a letter of support for candidate Robyn Denson (Gig Harbor City Council Position #5). Robyn has a solid track record of accomplishments in our city. I’ve met her several times and have discussed issues that are affecting Gig Harbor at length. Robyn is an independent —thus beholden to no single party doctrine or agenda. This will allow her to work well with the other city council members.

I live in the Harbor Hill/Gig Harbor North area. Her support for completing badly needed sidewalks on Peacock Hill and Burnham Drive shows a solid understanding of local needs. I appreciate that she’s been involved in the community for a long time and clearly understand the issues around growth that we need to be addressing in order to acquire and maintain adequate infrastructure, retain our wonderful quality of life and preserve the character of our community and its natural beauty.

She is a reasonable person who is willing to listen and is a consensus builder — a somewhat rare combination missing in so many of our current politicians at the local, state and Federal level!

Roger Henderson

Gig Harbor

Strong relationships

We are writing this letter of support for Robyn Denson, who is running for the City Council Position #5 in Gig Harbor. Robyn has been a dear and loyal friend of ours since we moved to Gig Harbor three years ago.

During this time we have seen first-hand her dedication to this community and her desire to make it a better place to live and thrive. Robyn has worked tirelessly as a long-time volunteer in this community and has developed many strong relationships. With her excellent work ethic and her ability to collaborate with others, we believe she will be the best person for this position.

Please vote for Robyn Denson this November. Thank you.

Thelma and Daniel Brown

Gig Harbor

Welcoming smile

Why I’m supporting Robyn Denson for City Council. Because Robyn cares about our city, its families and students. My family moved to Gig Harbor in late 2017 when my husband began a new job. I was new to the Gig Harbor community and its routines and hadn’t yet established a social network.

While I was waiting at “parent-pick-up” outside my son’s school, Robyn approached me and introduced herself. Her warm smile and charismatic personality were welcoming. I spoke about my goals and Robyn quickly volunteered to share contact information that she knew could help.

Robyn’s care for the community and her extensive local network helped me foster a partnership with the Peninsula School District to improve the connection between Peninsula families and students who are English language learners.

Margarita Leas

Gig Harbor

Firefighters endorse

Your Gig Harbor Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 3390 are proud to endorse Robyn Denson for Gig Harbor City Council Position #5! Robyn is a staunch supporter of public safety in our community and we look forward to partnering with her on issues such as traffic mitigation, development impacts and residential fire sprinklers in new construction.

We also believe that the relationships Robyn has developed at both the city and county level will prove invaluable in continuing and growing the positive impact Gig Harbor has on the local landscape.

As your professional firefighters, we place the safety of our citizens, their families and Gig Harbor’s visitors as the highest priority. We are confident that Robyn feels the same way and we are excited to see her thrive as a Gig Harbor City Council member.

Nick Langlow

Gig Harbor

Strong leadership

I urge my Gig Harbor neighbors to vote for Robyn Denson. She brings strong new leadership to a city hall that has collapsed into dysfunction. Robyn’s common sense proposals for action ensure that Gig Harbor can continue its healthy growth as a regional business and cultural center. Her first hand, door-to-door knowledge of the whole community will ensure that life in the city will be as attractive for residents as it is for tourists. Let’s put Robyn Denson to work.

Larry Seaquist

Gig Harbor