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Cheers and Jeers, Aug. 5

Cheers to the Knights of Columbus and friends for their Great Annual Garage Sale. They raised funds for excellent projects and also provide things for those who couldn’t afford them otherwise. These people serve with kindness and spirit. Thank you!

Jeers to the taxi driver who initiated a road rage incident on state Route 16 on Saturday. He tailgated a car with a family of four, and then gave us the finger on more than one occasion. Regardless of what you think I did, your immaturity and unprofessionalism should be an embarrassment to you and your employer. I went online and found numerous negative comments about this company and more than one comment from witnesses of similar road rage incidents with this taxi. I would encourage readers to consider this the next time you or a friend needs a ride, and I would encourage city officials to consider this when licensing a business they regulate.